Educational Blogwriting Competition

Educational Blogwriting Competition
30 July 2019

Educational Blog writing Competition

You can select categories you wish to write blogs like Career-related, Jobs related, College - Course-related or study abroad related. The blog receiving the most no. of visitors will receive a prize money of Rs.6000.

Some tips to write an Educational Blog :

- Include keywords which you think people search the most.
-Sometimes a unique blog could generate good traffic, since it has low   Competition.
- You can also write a blog on a Course, Upcoming Entrance Exam, Current Affairs- H1B Visa Rules, etc which you think students will search.
-Lastly remember a blog containing useful information would always generate good traffic.

Pls note the uniqueness of the blog should be more than 90%. Please check on

So wishing everyone all the best!!


Note: Blog should be a minimum of 400 words. Any inappropriate content will not be published. 

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