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Career as Baker




Bakers produce baked goods such as cakes, pastries, breads, pies, cookies, biscuits and crackers etc. in commercial and retail bakeries.

• Create recipes, measure ingredients, mix and bake breads, cakes and all types of baked goods
• Glaze, frost and top baked goods using a variety of ingredients and techniques
• Clean and maintain baking equipment.
• Procure and check the quality of ingredients.
• Work in retail for restaurants, grocery stores, canteens, specialist stores etc. or in commercial production.

Commercial bakers
• Train and supervise workers such as blenders, dough or batter mixers, decorators, packers etc.
• Train workers to handle high volume mixing machines, oven and equipment used in the mass production of standardized baked goods.
• Supervise production line workers and oversee the entire production process.
• May oversee the packaging and dispatch of baked goods to maintain freshness and looks.

Retail Bakers
• Prepare baked goods in smaller quantities which are sold through retail outlets.
• Decide on quantities to be produced based on demand.
• Prepare a budget for purchases and supplies.
• Procure and quality check all ingredients.
• Measure, mix and bake items for sale.
• Decorate with frosting, toppings and glazes.
• Train assisting staff.
• Fix prices of products.
• May manage sales through the retail outlet


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 Employment Opportunities for Baker:


• Large baked goods manufacturers
• Retail bakeries
• Specialist bakeries
• Hotels & Restaurants
• Caterers
• Canteens
• Fast food outlets
• Airlines caterers
• Cruise liners
• Institutional food service providers


Top Recruiting Companies of Baker:

  • Parle
  • Britania
  • Sunfeast
  • Anmol


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How to become Baker?


Path 1:

• Std X/ XII
Stream : Any
• Diploma
Baking & Confectionery
• Goal

Path 2:

• Std XII
Stream: Any
• Diploma/ Degree
Hotel Management
(Food & Beverage)
• Goal
Baker & Confectioner

*Short courses for school leavers in Food craft Institutes
There are short duration courses of 6 months to one years conducted by Food Craft institutes. Bakery and Confectionery, Diploma [6months to 2 years]
Eligibility - Class X/XII with 50% marks.
Selection - Merit in the qualifying exam.
Entry - Entry after these courses is at Craftsmen/ Assistant level, and in the specific area in which training has been taken.


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