Career as Cashier (betting Shop)


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Career as Cashier (Betting Shop)


DESCRIPTION of Cashier (Betting Shop):


Betting shop cashiers work in high street shops known as bookmakers. They serve customers and handle bets for a variety of sporting fixtures. If you’re good at maths and have a passion for sport, a career as a betting shop cashier could be ideal. To work in a betting shop you’ll need to be honest and reliable and have excellent customer service
skills. You’ll also need basic keyboard and computer skills to work tills and betting systems.
You don't usually need formal qualifications to get into this job though some employers may include a maths test as part of their recruitment process


job responsibility of Cashier (Betting Shop)


As a betting shop cashier you will typically:

• give information about betting odds
• take payments for bets
• pay out winnings to customers
• balance takings after the shop closes for the day
• make sure the shop's satellite TV and video systems are working
• use the computerised betting and till systems
• check that digital display boards show the correct betting odds and results
• keep the shop stocked with betting slips, pens and up-to-date odds sheets
• explain different ways of betting to customers
• give information about other products, such as overseas lottery tickets
• report any suspicious betting patterns or under-age gambling to the shop manager.
Your busiest times will be around weekend sporting fixtures, for example horse racing and football. Other common betting activity can be around nonsporting events such as election results or whether there’ll be a white Christmas.


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 Employment Opportunities for Cashier (Betting Shop):


You’ll find most cashier jobs in local betting shops. With experience, you may be able to progress to assistant manager, deputy manager or shop manager.
You may then be able to move on to manage a group of shops. You could also choose to go into telephone, mobile or online betting.
If you have language skills, you may be able to find opportunities with firms that handle overseas betting.
Cashier jobs are usually advertised in local newspapers, or you could get in touch directly with betting shops.

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How to become Cashier (Betting Shop)?

Employers tend to look for applicants with a responsible attitude to work and experience in a customer service role, for example, in retail.

Employers may also consider your potential to take on qualifications such as:

• Level 1 Certificate in Customer Service
• Level 2 Certificate in the Structure of the Horseracing Industry
• Level 2 (NVQ) Diploma in Gambling Operations
• Level 2 Award in the Principles of Customer Service in Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism.

The Hospitality Guild brings together training providers, businesses and individuals, and offers information and advice about careers in hospitality and tourism. Their website also has interactive tools that can help you to plan and develop your career. 
• Hospitality Guild

When you start work, you’ll be given on-the-job training under the supervision of experienced staff. Your training will usually include:

• betting counter operations
• customer service
• cash handling
• calculating winnings
• using computerised systems
• company procedures
• product knowledge -for example, sporting events.
Larger bookmakers may run training sessions at a regional centre.

Your employer may also give you the chance to work towards some of the following qualifications:

• Level 3 Award in the Structure of the Betting Industry and its Relationship with the British Horseracing Industry
• Level 3/4 Diploma in Customer Service


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Median Pay Scale/salary of Cashier (Betting Shop) :

Typical full-time salaries are around 11,000 to 13,000 a year. Deputy managers may earn around 15,000, with shop managers earning between 17,000 and 25,000 a year.
Managers of a group of shops can earn up to 45,000

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