Career as Choreographer



Career as Choreographer


DESCRIPTION of Choreographer:


You are the official dancing queen in your circle of friends. Be it Karishma's jhatkas or Shilpa Shetty's thumka, you have done it all. Do you often visualize yourself dancing on the sets of ‘Nach Baliye’ or ‘Jhalak Diklaja’? Wanna make people dance to your tunes? We are talking about a career as a choreographer. 
As a choreographer you'll create and organise dance sequences in cinema, music videos, stage shows, TV shows, drama, theatre, and even in private gatherings if somebody wants to foot the fat bills. You can even float your own ballet troupes to perform on stage. 
Providing the basic training to the dance troupe will be your area of work. A typical dance troupe consists of 20-100 or more boys and girls. Some choreographers prefer to take on fresh dancers with no prior experience. The students are first taught the basic intricacies of Indian classical dance or western dance and then the contemporary dance styles. Thereafter, with hard work and practice as a Choreographer you can develop their own style of dancing. 
Each choreographer has his/her own style. Your creativity as a Choreographer lies in your ability to mix various dance forms. 
If as a Choreographer you opt to work in Bollywood, you'll work closely with the scriptwriter, producer, director and music director. Once the concept is fixed as a Choreographer you will then hold numerous rehearsals with your troupe to set the dance sequence. The rehearsals are often video recorded and later shown to the dancers to correct their mistakes.


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 Employment Opportunities for Choreographer:


As a Choreographer you can find work in:

In choreography there are no jobs in the conventional sense of the word. Mostly you'll work on assignments on a contractual basis. So, in the beginning, you may get to work as an assistant to an established choreographer. 
As a choreographer you can of course work on your own. Though it would take some time to establish your self in the market. In the meanwhile you can survive being a dance instructor in a dance school/training center


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How to become Choreographer?

This is one field where you won't be asked for your qualifications. If you can dance, you can be a Choreographer. However, knowledge of Indian classical dance or western classical and modern dance will help. As a choreographer you can create your own style of dance. 
A professional training in any dance forms like Kathakali, Mohini Attam, Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathak, and Manipuri will take you at least 7 years. Good knowledge of Indian folk dances like Dumhal and Rouff of Kashmir, Hikat of Himachal Pradesh, the Jhumeila, the Chaunfla of Garhwal, Chholiya of Kumaon, Uttar Pradesh, Dalkhai of Orissa, Gendi of Madhya Pradesh, Bihu of Assam, etc. will also help you further your base. 
Training in western dances like jazz, waltz, swing, tango and contemporary dances like disco, rap will also help. 
Basically, you must have god communication skills and ability to lead a team. A cool head will help in dealing with a crowd of over 20.


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Median Pay Scale/salary of Choreographer :

Earnings of a Choreographer:
Of course you don't get to be a Farah Khan or a Ganesh Hegde right at the start. As a Choreographer you have to build your way up, especially in the entertainment industry, which sees scores of new talent everyday. 
As Choreographers in schools Start ar Rs 6,000-8,000 - Rs. 20,000 per month
In the film industry Start at Rs 8000 a month- Rs 8,00,000 per dance sequence
That's as far as the money aspect goes. But the fringe benefits in this field far outnumber the monetary aspect. First of all as a Choreographer you don't have to sweat it out at a gym to keep fit. Numerous dance rehearsals will do that for you. What's more, as a Choreographer you might even get entry into college. Sajid Khan got into Mithibai College not on the basis of his scores but on the basis of his dance competition certificates! Once you hit it big time, you get to travel. That's the best part of the job - to be able to see the world at the producer's cost, get people to dance on top of glaciers, go up in an air balloon, make exotic stop-overs.

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