Career as Clinical Psychologist


Career as Clinical Psychologist


DESCRIPTION of Clinical Psychologist:


A clinical psychologist's primary tasks are the assessment and treatment of mental health issues, including emotional or social disorders. The APA's Society of Clinical Psychology indicates that clinical psychologists may use a variety of methods for treatment including psychotherapy, marriage and family counseling, behavioral analysis and biofeedback, A clinical psychologist's job responsibilities may also include development and supervision of mental health programs. Clinical psychologists can work in private practices, mental health organizations and hospitals, with individuals, families, couples or groups of all ages and socioeconomic statuses. Clinical psychologists evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients struggling with various mental health problems. These professionals make up the largest concentration of psychologists in the United States. Some clinical psychologists develop expertise in specific disorders, which could include severe anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and bi-polar disorders. Many provide counseling services for people struggling to cope with divorces, relationship problems, and emotional problems. Clinical psychologists utilize various evaluation and treatment techniques while working with their patients, which are typically dependent upon their selected specialty. 
Many clinical psychologists manage their own private practices. Depending on their preference, many decide to work exclusively with groups, families, or individuals. It�s not uncommon for clinical psychologists to be employed at hospitals and medical clinics, so they can collaborate closely with other medical professionals while providing patient care, especially when medication is administered. Many clinical psychologists teach and conduct research at universities, colleges, and medical schools. Since some clinical psychologists specialize in assisting people struggling with chronic pain or debilitating injuries, they can be found working at physical rehabilitation clinics. Many clinical psychologists are also employed at substance abuse rehabilitation clinics, mental health hospitals, community health centers, and schools. 
If you are interested in clinical psychology, the following specializations are available: health psychology (the study of how psychosomatic factors affect mental and physical health), child psychology, geropsychology, and neuropsychology. Neuropsychologists specialize in how brain functions affect behavior, while geropsychologists work exclusively with elderly people struggling with anxiety, stress, or emotional problems. If you specialize, you can also develop expertise in these sub-specialties: substance abuse, emotional disorders, learning disabilities, and cognitive disorders. This growing trend reflects the demand for specialized services within various populations. 
Since psychologists are not licensed medical doctors, they are typically not allowed to prescribe medication; however, the states of New Mexico and Louisiana permit clinical psychologists adhering to certain standards to prescribe some types of medications. Psychiatrists are permitted to prescribe medication since they are licensed doctors.


job responsibility of Clinical Psychologist


• assessing clients' behaviour and needs via observation, interviews and psychometric tests
• developing, administering and monitoring appropriate treatment therapies and strategies
• undertaking research
• writing reports
• providing support and advice to carers
• meeting, advising and liaising with other NHS professionals
• helping clients to make positive changes to their lives


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 Employment Opportunities for Clinical Psychologist:


• Government agencies
• Drug rehabilitation and correctional facilities
• Elementary and secondary schools
• Colleges and universities
• Hospitals and medical clinics
• Mental health hospitals and community centers
• Group and private practices


Top Recruiting Companies of Clinical Psychologist:


• National Health Service (NHS)
• Psychiatric units
• Hospitals
• Mental health services
• Health centres
• Social services departments

Vacancies are advertised in newspapers, hospital vacancy bulletins and various publications including Health Service Journal (and its respective website), NHS Jobs, the psychologist appointments section of The Psychologist and its respective website.


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How to become Clinical Psychologist?

You will need to gain graduate basis for chartered membership (GBC) by completing a psychology degree accredited by the British Psychological Society. After this you will need to take a postgraduate course in clinical psychology. Graduates without accredited degrees can get the GBC by taking an accredited conversion course. Some clinical-related work experience is usually required prior to commencing training (for example, by working as an NHS assistant psychologist). Two of the more popular types of clinical psychology doctoral degrees are the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychology. Those obtaining PsyD are typically trained to administer clinical treatments, while those with PhD in psychology participate in university-level research. Many students enroll in PsyD programs because they take less time to complete, and graduates usually have more practical employment opportunities. Psychology PhD students usually obtain more generous stipends than students in PsyD programs. Key skills for clinical psychologists
• Good research skills
• Ability to relate to and empathise with a range of people
• Good teamworking skills
• Excellent communication skills
• Sensitive listening and questioning skills
• Ability to cope with emotionally demanding situations


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Median Pay Scale/salary of Clinical Psychologist :

The average pay for a Clinical Psychologist is Rs 372,115 per year. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 10 years' experience in this career.


Top Clinical Psychologist Colleges in India:

Jamia Millia Islamia
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
Sndt Women’s University, Mumbai 
Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
Lady Shri Ram College for Women
Banaras Hindu University
University of Calcutta
University of Madras
Amity Institute of Psychology and allied Sciences, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Government College of Educational Psychology and Guidance, Jabalpur

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