Career as Copywriter


copy writer

Career as Copywriter


DESCRIPTION of Copywriter:


• Copy writing involves providing words which are read or heard in advertisements. This may include slogans or jingles or detailed text for catalogues, brochures, leaflets and journals. Copy writing also takes the form of scripts for television and film commercial advertisement. Copy writing and visual art work go hand in hand and this is the work which goes on in the Ad agency's creative department. The real ad is created here by the creative team. Briefs from the Account Executive outlining the target group for the advertisement and information about the product, followed by discussions with the account planner, along with research material, and perhaps a meeting with the client put the creative department to work. The Copywriter interprets and understands the mind and needs of the target audience and the characteristics of the product . 
• They identify what it is that would make people want or need the product being promoted.
• Copywriter writes slogans , jingles
• The Art Director and the Copywriter together then work on an idea that should catch the attention of the public and put the selling point of the product across.
• Many ads are discarded, reincarnated and created.
• The final product is a team effort of the copywriter and art director with each having suggested alterations to the other.
• The more successful creations are then shown to the creative director who in turn may suggest further modifications.
• Final work is then produced and shown to the client. Once the client accepts the concept the lay out is modified and the details filled in.
• The design and copy is sent to the production team for typesetting, photographs and drawings for printed advertisements or films for television commercials.


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 Employment Opportunities for Copywriter:


Job opportunities are in advertising agencies, commercial radio or TV, dot coms, print medium, market research, industries and business both private and public, multinational advertising firms, advertising/PR department of organisations/business/government. 

Top recruiters includes:
• Microsoft
• GE Capital
• Essar
• P&G
• O&M
• Lowe Lintas
• Rediffusion
• Yahoo-India
• Channel V
• Zee Telefilms
• Indian Express
• ORG-MARG and several others.


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How to become Copywriter?


• Std XII
• Degree
& Portfolio*...
• Goal

Copywriters and Art Directors give verbal and visual shape to the basic advertising ideas.
*At entry level a candidate has to give a copy test. Besides evaluating the command over written English, the test is designed to judge the thinking ability of a person. A series of marketing problems are given for which advertising solutions are to be given if the solutions are 'different' enough you may be selected. In becoming a copywriter the qualifications or training in a communication school is not as important as your portfolio with some 20-25 pages of speculative ads which show how you think. A good portfolio is filled with Ad. campaigns. 
With the rapid use of electronic media, the work of copywriters and visualisers is overlapping. A good copywriter must know more than one language. Hindi copywriting is gaining popularity. The creative people, particularly visualizers, i.e., the Art Director and his team are selected from Art Schools or Design Institutes. Bachelor of Applied Art course teaches the prospective creative artist the use of mediums like photography, graphics, and visual communi-cation. Courses in Multimedia and mass communication are also useful.


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