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Career as Courier




A professional courier or messenger picks up and delivers documents and packages utilizing a wide variety of transportation ranging from bicycles to delivery vans. Couriers are often used to send smaller packages or correspondence quickly within a limited geographical area. Professional couriers are responsible for transporting information and materials for law firms, corporations, medical facilities, schools and others. Most couriers work within a limited geographical area with which they are very familiar. Couriers generally supply their own mode of transportation, whether that be car, moped or bicycle. In some cases, the company employing the courier will provide the vehicle, particularly if what is needed is a larger delivery van or truck. When a courier gets a call for a pickup or has to make a delivery, planning an effective travel route is a crucial part of the job. It takes a lot of experience to learn how to best navigate a large city, but this knowledge is necessary to ensure the timely delivery of packages. Couriers make many pickups and deliveries each day, and work under constant pressure to make their deliveries on time. They often handle very important documents, including medical samples, passports, and financial documents, so they have to travel with care. Some couriers specialize in making specific types of deliveries. For example, a medical laboratory may employ their own courier to deliver and pick up their medical supplies. Because they typically only deliver packages between businesses, some couriers are able to maintain a regular working schedule. However, working evenings and weekends is also common. Most couriers work full time.


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 Employment Opportunities for Courier:


There are currently 116,200 couriers in the United States, with 4,300 new courier job openings created each year.
Courier jobs are not expected to see much growth beyond their current levels in the next decade.


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How to become Courier?


Required Education

A high school diploma is most often sufficient for a career as a professional courier. Many companies will train new couriers by assigning a more experienced courier to help them learn the routes of the area they are covering. 

Skills Required

A certain degree of physical fitness is needed for professional couriers, particularly for those who are working by bicycle. Also, since the courier is often the most visible link between a company and its customers or between a company and its vendors, excellent communications skills are necessary. A well developed sense of direction and the ability to stay patient during traffic jams and road construction is also needed 

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Median Pay Scale/salary of Courier :

Courier salaries can vary depending on your experience, the location, company, industry, and benefits provided. Nationwide, most couriers make between  Rs.19,900 - Rs.30,900 per year.

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