Career as Dietitian



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Career as Dietitian


DESCRIPTION of Dietitian :


A dietician is an expert who has knowledge about the nutritional value of different foodstuffs, the effect of these on human beings and animals, right amount of consumption and the digestive process. This expertise is used for planning a balanced diet and to promote improved health through healthy eating habits. Nutritionists 
• Counsel individuals and groups regarding their food requirements and make diet plans
• They are in-charge of organizing and supervising food service systems in hospitals, hotels, schools, community centers, prisons, spas, nature cure centers etc.
• Nutritionists work as dietitians, food technologists or home economists.

• They make diet plans to assist people in special groups and situations in life e.g. the young, the elderly, the sick, nursing mothers, active sports persons, the health conscious and the like. 

Specialists Dieticians perform the following roles:
• Administration-involves large scale meal planning and supervision of the preparation process in canteens, schools, large catering establishments etc.
• Therapeutic dietitians work in hospitals, nursing homes or clinics. They manage patients nutritional intake by developing and implementing nutritional plans and evaluating results of dietary therapy. They work on the directions from doctors regarding patient's nutritional care. 
• Research dietitians strive to find nutritional value of food stuffs, their use as therapeutic foods as well as their effect on body chemistry


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 Employment Opportunities for Dietitian:


Research institutions of agriculture, medicine, veterinary science and public health employ dietitians . Universities, government departments, hospitals, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing companies need people educated and trained in the science and application of nutrition. 
Dietitians also work in large institutions, factories, industrial houses, offices, schools, food industry and catering departments. Health and fitness clubs need specialists in health foods.


Top Recruiting Companies:


All India Institute of Medical Science, Apollo Hospitals, Railways, 5 star hotels, Armed Forces


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How to become Dietitian?


Path 1:-

• Std XII
Stream: Science PCB
• Graduation
Nutrition & Dietetics
• Goal

Path 2:

• Std XII
Stream: Science PCB
• Graduation
Home Sc/Nutri & Diet/Catering Tech/ Microb...
• Postgraduation
Dietetics & Nutrition
• Goal
Dietetics can be pursued as a graduate or postgraduate degree. It is included in the Home science degree program in most universities. Degree course in Nutrition/ Dietetics / Food technology/Microbiology/ chemistry/ medicine/ hotel management and catering technology can be followed by postgraduation in Dietetics


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Median Pay Scale/salary of Dietitian :

1.69 Lakh to 3.22 Lakhs per annum


Top Graduate Colleges in India:


All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health
Sophia College
SNDT Women’s University
Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune 
Adichunchanagiri Institute Of Medical Sciences, Mandya 
University of Delhi

Top Post Graduate College In India :

SNDT Women’s University
University of Delhi
Sophia College

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