Career Counseling - FAQ's

1. How should one decide which Degree to choose after 12th?

It is always recommended to choose a general Degree like B.Com after 12th, when in doubt. A specialized Degree should be an option if you are very sure about pursuing your Career in that particular field in future or you are in doubt about studying further.

2. How can a Career Assessment Test help in choosing appropriate Career?

A Career Assessment Test can optimise your Interest, Personality , Aptitude giving a holistic view to analyse and co-relate it to appropriate Careers to shortlist the best suited Career. Moreover it shortlists from a list of more than 600 Careers, which manually is not possible to shortlist.  You can appear for a Test on

3. Is a personal Counseling necessary after Career Assessment Test?

The Career Assessment Report will include few Shortlisted Careers, which needs further shortlisting to a "Final Career". Factors like budget, which degree-course to go for?, Parent's point of view, etc need to be considered which requires a personal counseling to device a "Final Career Path". Following is a list of Mentors for personal Counseling after the Career Assessment Test -

4. How many days process is Career Counseling?

The general process of Career Counseling is 2 Days :

1. Career Assessment Test (1st Day)

2. Report Generation (On the spot after completion of Test)

3. Personal Face to Face Counseling with Mentor in your Area (1st Day or 2nd Day)

The Career Assessment Test which is 2-3 hrs can be completed in 1 Day, otherwise there is a 4 day workshop which includes more exercises and tests. For further details please visit the following link :

5. What is the accuracy of the suggested Careers in Career Counseling?

The accuracy would depend on how seriously or honestly the Career Assessment Test is taken,  since the interpretation and suggested Careers would completely depend on the Test Results. Moreover, the suggested Careers are optimised suggestions of your Interest, Personality and Aptitude. 

6. How important is Career Counseling?

It's always important to know beforehand than realising later. India has the highest no. of Engineers and doctors, but still one of the highest unemployment, is because the lack of awareness of scope in other Careers, choosing Careers without any research or scientific basis, unprofessional advice from friends-family and following a sheep herd mentality. All the above issues could be partly solved by Career Counseling and later Work Experience.

You can register for a Career Assessment Test on

7. What is the process of Allegiance Educare Career Counselling?

Step 1 : Take a Career Assessment Test (Aptitude, Career Interest & Personality Test) :

Step 2 : Download your 32-Page Career Assessment Report consisting a List of shortlisted Careers from the Dashboard.

Step 3 : Choose Mentor for personal Counseling in your Area, City :

Step 4 : Device a Final Career Path in the Personal Counselling Session (decide upon a Final Career, Course, College...) 

Step 5 : 6 month Studet Helpline in case of any Career related queries.

8. What if my Result in Career Assessment Report differs from the Career plans I have decided upon?

Reasons why Students might not give Career Assessment Test!!

  • ›Fear of an unexpected Result.
  • ›Recommended Careers differing from the Student’s predetermined Career.
  • ››Thinking the aptitude test might not detect your true potential.

Reasons why Students should give Career Assessment Test!!

›Better to choose the Right Career early than later. ››The sooner you are exposed to your true potential, the better. Otherwise there are the conventional tests Examinations, Interview, and work appraisal system to know in future.

  • The Test will help you Identify Competency with the help of Career Assessment Test. For eg. The reason why a coder will be successful is that he knows Java and C++. But will he still be successful in next 5 yrs when a new software language will replace the old one.
  • The answer is, if he/she has the ability to adapt and learn new things, he/she will be successful.
  • Hence to check the Competency of the Candidate is must.


Click here to take a Free Career Assessment Test.



9. How can I partner with Allegiance Educare?

There are two ways to partner with Allegiance Educare :

1) Become a Mentor

2) Become a Centre and White Label

For more details on the above please visit

10. What is an ideal approach for choosing a career?

You should have a Top to Bottom approach while choosing a Career. First decide on a General Area like Science, Business, Hands on trade, High tech, Music, etc. Then choose a more specific area like Medicine, Marketing, Electrical, Software Engineering, Jug band, etc. Then choose a very specific area like Research physician, Technical sales, own electrical contracting company, Robotics, Kazoo and washtub bass, etc.

You can also take a Career  Assessment Test to shortlist perfect Career :

11. Is the Career Assessment Test Result useful to students?

- The test definitely gives the student a guidance in choosing a Career in terms of her/his skills and interest levels and knowledge about different Careers.


- They say never judge a book just from its cover. It might happen that a student is interested in 'Aeronautical engineering', but you should also possess a good Mathematical & Analytical Skill. Hence, Allegiance Educare factors & optmizes the following of a student :

1) Interest Level (What kind of Careers he's interested and also what kind of tasks he enjoys more eg. Physical tasks, Artistic tasks, experimenting, etc)

2) Personality and correlating it to relevant Careers.

3) Aptitude ( To test his Capability in performing in a particular Career eg. Good Mathematical skills required as an Aeronautical Engineer)


- Usually students choose a Career without any thorough research, but it is also impossible to research each and every Career out there. Hence, the Career Assessment Test narrows down their Career Choices, making it easier for them to choose from a gigantic List of Careers.

- Usually students are exposed to various kind of Careers when they start working and gain some experience in a Company, but by the time they are exposed to Careers of their choice it's too late to move into that Career. The Career Counselling process helps the Student explore more Careers before it is too late to shift to a Career choice and regret not exploring it earlier in their Career. The Result gives you more options other than the same old Careers like engineering, medical, etc.

12. I am unable to apply coupon for test payment?

1) Please check if you have registered under the right age group for the relevant applicable package
2) try clearing caches cookies of your browser.
3) try from a different browser.

13. Can I give the test from my mobile?

Yes you can if you don't have an access of PC, but prefer a PC or bigger screen, so that you get a better view of images and questions.

14. What is the structure, duration and number of questions in the test?

For group between 12-16 years of age the test structure is as follows-

Multiple Intelligence No time limit 40
Learning Styles No time limit 30
Logical Mathematical No time limit 25
Linguistic No time limit 14
Spatial-visual No time limit 22

NOTE: Only Test structure is same, there are different set of questions for different age groups (12-13, 13-14, 14-15, 15-16 years). 

For 16  years & above-

Personality Test No time limit     80
Career Interest Test ( Part 1) No time limit     12 
Career Interest Test ( Part 2) No time limit     42
APTITUDE TEST - Verification 10 minutes time limit     36
APTITUDE TEST - Formation  10 minutes time limit     70
APTITUDE TEST - Physical Analysis 15 minutes Time Limit     28
APTITUDE TEST - Verbal penetration 10 minutes Time Limit     42
APTITUDE TEST - Numerical Deduction 10 minutes time limit      21
APTITUDE TEST - Observation 10 minutes Time Limit     35
APTITUDE TEST - Critical Dissection 15 minutes Time Limit     33
Aptitude Traits No time limit     14
Natural Talent & Personality Test No time limit     97
Interest Ranking No time limit       8


NOTE:  Only Test structure is same, there are different set of questions for different purpose (Degree selector, Job title selector, MBA- Stream selector, Engineering- stream selector)


15. What is the difference between 18 years to 22 years (Job selector) and 22 years & above (Job Title selector test)?

- Test for 18 years to 22 years (Job selector) will give result of the  a field or a sector that is best suited for you.

Example- Marketing, sales, finance, advertising etc. 


- Test for 22 years & above (Job Title selector test) will show you a specific job title that is suited for you. ​


In Human Resource (HR)

HR Recruiter, Employee Relationship Officer, Training & Development Officer etc (selects which among these is perfect job title for you)


In Information technology-

Chief Technology officer, Chief information officer, Program manager etc (selects which among these is perfect job title for you)

16. Unable to make payment, getting Error 8000- Parameters missing?

This usually happens when you login and try making payment too many times. Please clear caches and cookies. Please make sure your browser is updated to the latest version. Incase of Windown XP & Vista for Career Interest-1 Test Click on 'Reset above questions' button of each question to get the dropdown options.

17. Unable to submit Test, it keeps showing "Fill in all the answers', even though all the questions have already been answered?



18. Some Career Counseling Companies have separate Report/Test for Commerce, Science and Arts Students?

Students now a days are also ready to explore careers from different streams, hence we have kept the Shortlisted Career List very raw and prefer not to hide any Careers from Students. We recommend 3 list of Career Titles from where students can choose careers which is a mix of Science, Commerce and Arts Careers. This process cannot be 100% automated, hence Allegiance Educare Counselors are involved in each counseling by preparing the final careerpath manually for each student where we factor the shortlisted career list, student's current status/profile and 3 aspired careers.