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Spiritual Counsellor
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Sinhagad Road
Counseling City
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About Myself:
As a Spiritual Life Coach and Counsellor, my duty is to listen to individuals and identify problems quickly. Come up with and suggest long-term, foolproof, guaranteed, proven solutions.

Work Experience:
Worked into IT Software (QA) for 10 years, and then quit it to pursue my Spiritual / Life Coaching & Counselling interests. Presently helping people bring Happiness back into their lives through various Workshops, Seminars, Courses and Counselling.

- First ranker in B.E.I.T.
- Pune HSC Board 8th ranker
- Successfully Life Coaching since 2008

- M.S. Software Systems, B.E. Information Technology.
- Globally accredited Law of Attraction & NLP Practitioner & Teacher in English as a Foreign Language.

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