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Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Academician, Author & Columnist.

By profession, I am Academician and teaching Advertising, Public relations, Media Management, Interpersonal Communication, Media and Society, Media Language and literature to undergraduate and postgraduate level at the University of Delhi, India. 

I oversee abovesaid subjects and am responsible for all course and programme design, academic standards, quality assurance issues including domestic and overseas partner institution validations, delivery and assessment procedures within the department from designing degree programmes. 

I am also a member of Public relations society in India and Association of Business Communication in India and a member of for academic excellence in India.

Besides, I am also an academic member of the Asian Academy for media studies, (ASMS), Noida, India and R.K. Films and Media and entertainment studies, India for the academics advising purpose and course design.

Specialties: This field should mention a few particular skills or experiences you consider your professional specialities. Some examples:

Journalism & mass communication, advertising& public relations, translations.creative writing etc.

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