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  • 24 years of experience as a Teacher.
  • Currently working at St. Lawrence high school. Santacruz
  • Excellent communication Skill.​​
  • Career counsellor in Mumbai



  • Profound knowledge of English language and ability to teach the language for all sorts of students i.e. for those who have English as there first language and those who have not.
  • Excellent communication and written skills as well as ability to explain the text.
  • Highly skilled in using the deferent course books and material for teaching English as well as having a great passion and love for the English language.
  • Ability to dramatize English stories effectively and creatively.
  • Ability to plan, collect material and deliver the lessons in the class.
  • Proficient in arranging the competitions and assessing the performance of the students.
  • Good understanding of English grammar with an ability to impart the knowledge effectively.
  • Ability to inspire the students for desired results in the language teaching task.



  • Using self-ideology for a better result in this field.
  • Making use of the deferent technique for attaining the goal of the organization.
  • Ability to teach the lessons in an interesting manner so that the students see the logic and retain the information.
  • Participative style of teaching.
  • Well versed in virtual teaching platforms.
  • Strong leading and motivational skills.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and presentation skills.
  • Unmatchable communication skills in written and verbal both.
  • Ability to handle the pressure.



  • St.laweranc high school. Santacruz. as an assist. Teacher 24yrs.                                
  • Giving 12 yrs.teachers training under Maharashtra gov.                                                
  • Giving teachers training under YASHADA institute from Pune.                                   
  • Giving career guidance to school and college students



  • B.A.1991 Marathi, History. 68% (University of Mumbai).        
  • M.A. 1993 Rural development. 52% (University of Mumbai).                       
  • B.Ed. 1994 Marathi, History.56% (University of Mumbai).    
  • M.phil. 2016 (University of Mumbai).                  
  • PhD - PET Exam. Passed2014 (University of Mumbai).


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