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Career Counselor
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Janak puri
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New Delhi
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I'm graduate from University of Delhi, and MSc in Psychology. I have strong educational background in Counseling and relate. Counsellor must be positive role models and have vested interest in student success.

I have 2 year experience in career counselling and extensive knowledge in educational field and a passion for counselling and assist students set academic and career goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

Work with students to develop skills, time management and effective study habit. Counselling of students on various and traditional model of career. I believe every student, if given the proper guidance, can find a path to their own personal success.

Graduation B.Sc. in home science specialisation in human development (child and adolescents development and care and wellbeing across life span) from university of Delhi.  Pursuing Msc in Psychology.

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