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Counselling Psychologist
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Navi Mumbai
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I am a Mental Health Professional. I believe in early intervention and am looking for a good platform to outreach those in need. I have done Masters in Counseling Psychology and received training in Arts-based therapy. I have been involved in the mentoring programs and career guidance since last 7 years. I am currently in training to be a Dyslexia Therapist. My Work areas so far included conducting comprehensive assessments, clinical research, diagnostic testing and planned interventions.

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Kedar Kulkarni

It was a nice experience. Mentor helped me to decreased my confusion about career.
25 Feb 2018
Ayesha Gani

The Mentor was very nice, very friendly to speak with. She helped me cleared most of my queries. Her suggestions was helpful in deciding which career i should go ahead with. Yes i will Recommend this counselor to others.
27 Feb 2018

Great Counseling. Very happy with the Suggestions given to me. Definately recommend this mentor.
13 Mar 2018
Ninad Mahabale

She was very good and explained my Careerpath nicely.
26 Mar 2018