Career as Computer Hardware Designer


Computer Hardware Engineer jobs, Computer Hardware Engineer Salary, How to become Computer Hardware Engineer

Career as Computer Hardware Designer


DESCRIPTION of Computer Hardware Designer:


The rapid improvements seen in computer technology are largely due to the work of computer hardware engineers. The responsibilities of a computer hardware engineer may include designing and testing new keyboards, computer chips or printers or overseeing the manufacturing of these types of items. A computer hardware engineer usually works indoors in a typical office or laboratory and has a traditional 40-hour work week


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How to become Computer Hardware Designer?


Education Required

A 4-year degree in computer engineering, electrical engineering or a related field is required for most jobs in computer hardware engineering; however, a master's degree may be necessary for some specialties, supervisory or high-ranking positions with cutting-edge companies. Coursework for the student computer hardware engineer will cover such topics as engineering electronics, electric circuits, computer design and statistics for engineers. 

Skills Required

Those with successful careers in computer hardware engineering are usually creative, analytically-minded and detail-oriented people who enjoy being part of a team. Because computer hardware engineers must relate with people from a variety of fields, good interpersonal skills are also important.


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Median Pay Scale/salary of Computer Hardware Designer :

A Computer Hardware Designer earns an average salary of Rs 172,760 per year. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 20 years in this field.


Top Graduate Colleges in India:

NID - National Institute of Design- Banglore
Symbiosis International University  - Pune
SNDT Women's University
Sophia Shree BK Somani Polytechnic
IIT - Indian Institute of Technology (Instrument Design & Development Centre) Delhi
IIT - Indian Institute of Technology (Industrial Design Centre) Mumbai
IIT - Indian Institute of Technology (Department of Design) Guwahati
IIT - Indian Institute of Technology (Design Programme) Kanpur
IISc - Indian Institute of Science - Banglore

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