Career as Counselor


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Career as Counselor


DESCRIPTION of Counselor :


Counseling is a helping profession wherein the counselor works with people who are otherwise normal but need help to cope with a difficult situation. Counselors are trained to provide support, consult, use techniques and therapies. They help the client to deal with their problem. 
• Counselors assist people in dealing with any type of problem
• They listen carefully without passing judgement
• They help the client explore and clarify their feeling and thoughts to come to a resolution.
• They help in a variety of situations - be it career planning, difficulty in handling social issues, emotional problems, matrimonial or parenting crisis, domestic violence, etc.
• A counselor offers support, consultation, techniques and therapies to the client and ensures his or her healthy development.
• Counselors may work in drug and alcohol de-addiction


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 Employment Opportunities for Counselor:


1. School Counseling
2. Career Counselling Establishments
3. Rehabilitation Counselling
4. Mental Health Counselling
5. Educational Counselling
6. NGOs
7. Social Development Agencies
8. Corporate HR Divisions
9. Government
10.Self Employment


Top Recruiting Companies of Counselor:


1. NGO's,
2. Career Counselling establishments,
3. Institutitons ,
4. Schools & Colleges, Government agencies,
5. Corporate HR divisions, Rehabilitation centres


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How to become Counselor?


Path 1:

• Std XII
• Graduation
Psy/ Socio
• Postgraduation
Psy/ Socio
• Professional Diploma
• Goal

Path 2:

• Post graduation
Psy/ Socio with specialisation in Counselling
• Goal
Counseling is a postgraduate diploma course hence it is suggested that counselors complete post graduation . Specialization may be taken even during the post graduate course. Postgraduate options are in Psychology, Sociology, Social Work


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Median Pay Scale/salary of Counselor:

83 Thousand to 3.14 Lakhs per annum


Top Graduate Colleges in India:


Karnataka University
National Council of Educational Research & Training
Punjab University
Regional Institute of Education, Mysore
SNDT University
University of Madras

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