Career as Mathematicians


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Career as Mathematicians


DESCRIPTION of Mathematicians :


Mathematicians work in many different areas dealing with abstract and pure mathematical concepts, and apply mathematical knowledge to find practical solutionsMathematicians work as theoretical or applied mathematicians. 
• Theoretical mathematicians 
Study the relationship of mathematical forms and logical development of mathematical systems. 
Explore pure mathematical operations for investigating mathematical principles. 
• Applied mathematicians 
Apply mathematics to social sciences, physical sciences, life sciences and earth sciences for finding practical solutions. 
Seek to understand first the basic field where the principles of mathematics are to be used and then apply mathematical systems for analysis and study. 
• Natural and mathematical scientists 
Apply mathematics to Physical Science, Life science, Computers and Mathematical occupations, insurance, statistics and systems analysis for solving problems in business, health care, defense and other areas. 
• Computer engineers 
Develop computer application programs based on mathematical models. 
• Operations research analysts 
Use mathematical formulae to solve management and operational problems. 
• Financial analysts 
Study investment plans of financial, industrial, and banking institutions.


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 Employment Opportunities for Mathematicians:


• Software programming
• Information and data processing
• Aerodynamics
• Astronomy and space exploration
• Climate study
• Medicine
• National security
• Robotics
• Animated films
• In a wide range of businesses
• Applied physics
• Robotics
• Market research
• Population studies and commercial surveys
• Industrial research and development.
• Teaching
• Research


Top Recruiting Companies of Mathematicians:



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How to become Mathematicians?


Path 1:

• Std XII
Stream: Science PCM
• Graduation
Mathematics/ Statistics & Computer Science...
• Postgraduation
Mathematics/Statistics & Computer Science
• PhD
• Goal

Path 2:

• Std XII
Stream: Science PCM
• Graduation
Integrated Degree In Maths/ Applied Maths(...
• PhD (Optional)
Maths/ Applied Maths
• Goal
*BITS Pilani and IITs, NIT's offer five year integrated courses in the subject after XII, graduate courses in Pure/Applied Maths and Statistics is being offered by most Universities


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Median Pay Scale/salary of Mathematicians :

Employees with a Master of Science (MS), Mathematics Degree draw Rs 409,756 - Rs 492,605


Top Mathematicians Colleges in India:


Chennai Mathematical Institute
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Taramani

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