Allegiance Educare Story

Allegiance Educare Story
Pan India startup Allegiance Educare is creating a healthy mechanism for students to choose their best career path.

Students using Allegiance Educare’s online career counseling tests can scientifically approach their career choices based on their aptitude, personality, and career interest with proper guidance. 

The COVID - 19 pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in every sector across the globe. Ecommerce, Brick and Mortar sales, B2B, B2C, etc. had to go through a difficult situation and find new ways to adapt to the new normal. But one sector that was always on the news was the ‘Education sector’. Starting from whether or not to conduct board exams to recent graduates struggling to find placement opportunities, the Education sector was really not prepared for this situation.

But one thing that became very evident during this crisis was, students and parents have always struggled to identify an accurate career path. Especially in India, students across states do not have a proper mechanism in schools and colleges that allow them to scientifically analyze their interests, aptitude, and personality while choosing a career path. This undeniable fact coupled with his own exhausting personal experience to identify a career path led Ashish Bhati to set up Allegiance Educare Pvt. Ltd.

So, what’s Allegiance Educare PVT LTD?

Allegiance Educare PVT LTD is an online career portal that offers career counseling to students through a scientific approach of letting them take a psychometric test. This test evaluates students based on three criteria Aptitude, Personality, Career Interest. With automated reports from the test, the students can talk to a mentor assigned to them from Allegiance Educare and navigate through the process of selecting their career. 

What’s the story?

Every startup has a story behind it. So, what made Ashish build Allegiance Educare Pvt. Ltd? Ashish was confused as a student and had no proper guidance while choosing his career path. Due to this ambiguity, even after finishing his Engineering in 2007 and MBA from Hong kong in 2009, he was not very convinced of where his career trajectory would be. This sparked a thought in him that he wants to work in a career related to ‘Academics’. Even after that, he continued to try his hands at different roles such as Financial Analyst, Developer, Recruiter, and even joined as a career counselor with a Pune based career counseling company in 2012. But all of this experience only increased his conviction that there needs to be a scientific method to help a student understand what he wants to be future. And this led to the birth of Allegiance Educare. 

The journey is never easy

If you assume this journey was easy for Ashish, you need to drop that thought right away. He started Allegiance Educare with a freelance coder and built the entire website, business logic, test engine with just a team of two. Then gradually expanded team to 4 members till date by onboarding professionals to carry out operations at fast pace. He tried to bring definitive structure to his dreams. 

Every success story has surprising twists to it and Allegiance Educare does too. The freelance coder abandoned the project in 2018 and Ashish had to scrap the website completely. But not letting these incidents demotivate him from what he envisioned to do, he started all over again in 2019. With couple of new team members by his side and adding new recruits along the process, he rebuilt the entire website and product in one and a half years. 

Allegiance Educare was revamped to Allegiance Educare Private Limited in January 2020. These are just a single pick of numerous struggles that Ashish and his team had to go through to create Allegiance Educare. 

What makes Allegiance Educare unique?

Allegiance Educare was not built in a fortnight. It took more than 6 years for the team to build this online platform and constantly upgrade it based on the mistakes that happened along the way. But it is natural for all of you to wonder why should I choose Allegiance Educare? We will tell you!

Scientific approach...
Career counseling is not new in India. But how far is career counseling scientifically approached is a real question. The answer is simple. NO. This is why Allegiance Educare’s tests were designed in a way to evaluate the candidate holistically and scientifically. They offer four models for students belonging to different standards starting from Standard 8 to College graduates. General counseling option is also available regardless of the age and standard. Students have to take 10 tests online and reports will be generated automatically. Every student is assigned a mentor who will counsel the student based on the report either online or face-to-face. This way they make sure every student gets an opportunity to understand what they really want and where they want to be. 

Affordability is the key...
Most students opt-out of career counseling as they find these processes to very expensive. Considering this factor also, Allegiance Educare offers these online tests at a very affordable rate of ₹2599. The aim is for every student to be able to take up this test and decide based on the reports which career they want to choose. 

Whitelabel to build a franchise...
Ashish wanted to make this product scalable across India and figured out the franchise model will be the solution to this. This led to the innovation of Whitelabel. With Whitelabel, academic institutions/academies across India can register their websites under their own brand with Allegiance Educare's ecosystem. By registering with Allegiance for ₹65,000 amd per year, these academic institutions can access their own career consulting portal. To help them try this out for a lower cost, they also offered a basic model for ₹25,000 per year.

Mentor as a career path...
Allegiance Educare is not just about students. There are people out there who aspire to be good counselors but don’t know where to start. They can register with Allegiance Educare and get a basic training to interpretate, summarize and explain the report to students. This module encourages people to get trained in counseling and help students who require proper guidance.

So, what’s the next plan?

Allegiance Educare team's vision while starting Allegiance Educare was to create a career counseling platform facilitating a scientific approach in choosing a suitable career as per an individuals' caliber and interest. Now that it has laid a strong foundation after so many years of struggle, he is constantly working on his mission. The mission is to open a career counseling franchise across the country to make the career counseling platform available for everyone at affordable price and with an accurate careerpath.

Education can never be compromised and similar is one’s career. There are so many talented and aspiring individuals who have faced and are still facing day to day struggle just because they had no proper guidance while choosing their career. Choosing your career is not only about validating your financial needs, it is beyond that. A wrong career path will break an individual’s personality, confidence, self-esteem, and eventually their mental health. Allegiance Educare Pvt Ltd. wishes to create an ecosystem where every individual is happy and satisfied with their career choice!

One of the many achievements to come...
Getting selected for the incubation program for innovative startups by IIM Kashipur supported by Department of Science and Technology India is one of the many achievements in line for Allegiance Educare.

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