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It is an online career portal. We offer an all-encompassing perspective on career guidance through an incredible online career advising. In our career counselling in Mumbai, India. we provide you with the best career suited for you according to your career interest, personality, and aptitude skills. Our career counselling process starts with first taking a career assessment test from the student. Our proprietary career assessment test is designed by industry experts and certified career counsellors providing you with the best results from the test and help you choose a perfect path. This test also helps you know about your strengths and the ways to overcome your weaknesses.

We have mentors (Career Counsellors) all around India hence the counselling will be easy for you near your place and timing. You will also get a report on the Career Counselling test. We also take care of the careers you are interested in, hence there is also a 3 Aspired career report in the Career Counseling Test report. After the completion of the test, face to face counselling session is fixed with the nearest best career counsellors in Mumbai, India.

Our Career counselling online Portal features include: Click here to take a free online career assessment test, certified and trained counsellor database, automated report with high accuracy, student management, lead generation portal to connect the right student with the right colleges-courses-study abroad consultants, Database of colleges-course-study abroad consultants, forums to ask careers-colleges-courses-study abroad related queries, Job portal with Blogs-Forums, Career bank and many more features. Career list information and many more features. It also includes lists of top colleges across India. We also have a counsellor training certification program for individuals who are interested in pursuing counselling as a career.
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Mentors - Best Career Counsellors

Kanakadurga Kalidindi

Mentor Code : 1488002970

Chandan Kumar

Mentor Code : 1500888882


Mentor Code : 1503107699

Shrishti Yadav

Mentor Code : 1563779162

Neha Gupta

Mentor Code : 1563779175

Santosh Kumar

Mentor Code : 1484668786

Mayeling Fernandes

Mentor Code : 1484716965

Anurag Jain

Mentor Code : 1563779187

Jayendra Pratap Singh

Mentor Code : 1484730666

Rachana Jai

Mentor Code : 1534932789


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