Job Satisfaction - Factors of Job Satisfaction in the Workplace

Job Satisfaction  - Factors of Job Satisfaction in the Workplace
30 July 2019



For individuals seeking jobs, hop from one job to the other in order to grab an opportunity that fits their criteria. 

Quite genuine is their desire to reach out for the fine job which would tick all their boxes, every individual has spent lavishly to pursue their education and on an honest note to seek professions of today is not even a pocket friendly task. 

One cannot tighten the purse string to avoid spending money on education but do expect to have all the money reimbursed or gained back at the time of earning, keeping this notion in mind every individual at the best of their capacity swing from one job to the other. But what questions millions of minds is that “is money even linked with being content with the job”?


Prioritizing Happiness Before The Green Paper:

Happiness is a relative concept and the idea of the correct magic number (salary) is not going to be identical for every individual. It’s rational to be confused between working in a job that offers handsome package, but sacrificing your happiness and working in the field that you love remarkably but might face financial crises initially.
What has to be kept in mind is that amongst these jumbled emotions and thoughts happiness should prioritize before the big money at the same time, lack of money should not even lead to misery. 

To identify if you are happy or not with the respective job of yours is a confusing phase altogether, even when you stay demotivated or unhappy with the current working profession you think about the big money and pacify yourself every month end! There definitely are indications undeniably stating that you deep within your heart would take a breath of relief after having signed the resignation letter. 
Those indications follow as such:

  •  Waking up from the bed with reluctance 
  •  Having battled thoughts with your own self where you end up convincing yourself because of  the great money     offered.
  •  You cannot wait for the working hours to get over. 
  •  Lack of emotions that generate passionate feelings towards your work. 
  •  You cannot stop looking at the watch to have rushed out of your official residence. 

These are quite basic behavioral traits of every working person and although you may love your job, you naturally would not be ready to invest 15 hours of your day in working for obvious reasons.
 It’s important to acknowledge that these indications must be present in greater volumes for it to project unhappiness that you have because of your working status. 

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Learning the difference between A JOB and A CAREER: 


Besides being considerate about the magic numbers in terms of salary what matters the most is how much do you even enjoy working and what level of satisfaction and fun it is providing you.  

Working for 10 good hours daily with a frown would always deteriorate the fun element and also the creativity factor that one does possess. Keeping practicality in mind a pay check is definitely necessary, but opting for a career that brings joy and happiness abundantly should be considered much more. 
A whole Different dimension comes in terms of career, when we talk about a career point of view you vision your work with so much passion that the willingness to have worked arises lovingly and where there is a willingness to be passionate in terms of career there is a huge room left for scope when it comes to earning. 


The main pathway to job satisfaction is to find a job that matches with your personality, aptitude and interest, click here->  find out the most suitable job title/ career for yourself. 

Job satisfaction over the “FANCY TITLE “:

The concept of job satisfaction has taken a turn over the course of time, looking at the family background of our own, we have grown up with our fathers, saying that “there is nothing better than a secure job “, this clearly states that job satisfaction didn’t really have to do with any enjoyment or fun element in the past. 

On the other hand, individuals who are a Millennial work keeping the fun and enjoyment in their mind, even if it means bearing financial risks initially.
When it comes to working, slogging with no passion whatsoever just to sustain a flashy fancy title is worthless. Maintaining a job profile that is at the peak in terms of happiness, fun and passion weighs much more than slogging hours and hours altogether just to maintain a reputed title that sounds fancy but has no passion and no interest of your own towards it. 

Do what you love, so that you love what you do: 

Choosing a profession is never an easy task, to keep in mind what you love and where would you voluntarily invest your time is a big question mark that pops into hundreds of minds, however to know the best career option in terms of interest 
Efforts would always be in need to put in whichever field you want to function in, but however, working with your blood and sweat in the domain you are passionate about will bring an amount of satisfaction that can never be compared with any other.


The debate between the big money and being satisfied in terms of your profession is perpetual, it is never ending, but what ultimately matters is that how happy and positive you sense from within thinking about your own job. The happier you are, the more you work passionately and the heavier would be your pocket. Money undoubtedly has to be prioritized, but through a medium that elevates the best in you and keeps you highly passionate.

Ultimately, it’s the love and respect that you have for your work that would help you succeed in a way that you would be remembered by your peers and young ones as a person who has followed his passion along with a great vision and has reached his goals. 

The source of happiness is dedicated first and money later: 

It’s really impractical and unreasonable to never consider money as a priority, with the rapid increase in the competition and expense that the current world compilers of; you need money in order to even earn money.
What highly matters is that how much joy your work brings you, if you just stay happy receiving the paycheck at the beginning of the month looking at those digits and stay upset for the rest of the month complaining how horrible your job is, then there is a high possibility that you are unhappy with your current job status. 
Unbelievable as it may sound, but with great dedication and focus getting a great pay isn’t difficult as well.   

Think about yourself than the society :
The world in which we live at current, the people around us are the most inquisitive individuals who stay hungry for the updates on our work status, right from being promoted to the upraise they want to know it all. 
What should be considered is that their opinions about your job profile should not really matter, although those opinions must have come out through genuine ones, but they should not shake you from your vision and you have to deal with those criticisms with a smile staying unshaken. 
At the end, it’s your compassion and dedication that counts to reach out to the goals of yours and there definitely is no substitute for hard work, but invested in the direction you love, would do wonders for you.  

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