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Pune, Maharashtra, India
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Amit Satpute

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Amit Satpute

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Qualification: BSc.Biotechnology, Bachelors Degree Law, MBA in Marketing & International Business, MA Psychology. Over 9 yrs experience in Career Counselling. Mr. Amit Satpute is a third generation businessperson having actively and closely worked in various capacities to help family business development. Apart from his business interests, he is passionate about helping students choose good careers and guide them to become better and responsible citizens. On account of his exposure to the social, educational and business environment, he very well relates to the challenges faced by both students and parents in the present age. He says, "Just like most other students, I too have committed blunders in my educational career and sweated out compensating for them. These have cost me extra efforts, time and money." He intends to utilize all his learnings to make career selection and development for students easier, smoother and more importantly, enjoyable..!!! He also speaks to students, parents, corporate and public audiences on the subjects of Personal, Professional and Academic Development. Amit uses a combination of experience, knowledge, high impact coaching techniques and helpful assignments to offer highly-personalized programs tailored to present age students.


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Shivani Chopra
Shivani Chopra

5 years ago

Excellent mentor for Career counseling

manikantan konar
manikantan konar

1 year ago

Thank you, Amit Satpute Sir, for your outstanding mentorship and unwavering support. Your impact on my career journey has been transformative, and I am immensely grateful for your guidance.

Aarti Mishra
Aarti Mishra

3 years ago

Thanks to Amit Satpute Sir exceptional guidance, I have successfully secured a position in my desired field, and I feel well-prepared to continue advancing my career.

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