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Borivali East, Maharashtra, India
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Priya Ghatwai

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Borivali East

Priya Ghatwai

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Career Counselling Certification, Allegiance Educare PVT LTD
Nov, 2023

Doctor of Philosophy (Materials Science 
& Engineering) August 2011 – 
April 2015
Thesis Title: Structure-Property Relationships 
in Ordered Co-Pt Alloys of Near-Eutectoid 

Advisor: Prof. Jerrold A. Floro
University of Virginia
Master of Science (Materials Science & 
Engineering) August 2008 – 
August 2011

Thesis Title: TEM Investigation of Random 
Grain Boundary Migration in Pure Aluminum
Advisor: Prof. James M. HoweUniversity of 
Virginia GPA – 3.8/4

Bachelor of Technology (Metallurgical 
& Materials Engineering) June 2004 
– May 2008
Visvesvaraya National Institute of 
Technology, Nagpur, India 
GPA – 8.58/10


Visiting Assistant Professor 
June 1, 2018 – May 31, 2020
Department of Metallurgical and 
Materials Engineering (MME), Indian 
Institute of TechnologyRopar (IITRopar), 
Punjab, India

Parth Enterprises/ Krishna Kids 
October 1, 2021 - present

Cultural, educational, value-based and 
personality development oriented products 
and activities for children

WOS-C Kiran – Intellectual Property 
Rights May 1, 2017 – 
April 30, 2018
Punjab State Council for Science and 
Technology/ CSIR Innovation Protection 
Unit/ TIFAC: anautonomous organization 
under Department of Science and 
Technology, New Delhi, India


IIT Ropar
▪ Transport Phenomena for 2nd year,
B.Tech. (MME) students, Aug–Dec, 2019:
Course Co ordinator & Instructor (Student
Feedback 4.51/5)
▪ Advanced Materials
Characterization Techniques for Ph.D.
Students, Oct-Dec, 2019:Course Co-
ordinator & one of the course instructors
(Student Feedback 4.5/5)
▪ Phase Transformations for Ph.D.
students, Jan–May 2019; Course Co-
ordinator &Instructor (Student Feedback
▪ Workshop Practices for 1st year, B.
Tech.students, Course Instructor
(Aug – Dec, 2019; Student Feedback
4.27/5 Jan– May, 2019; Student
Feedback 4.4/5Aug – Dec, 2018)
▪ Introduction to Engineering
Products for 2nd year, B.Tech.students,
one of the courseinstructors (Student
Feedback 3.8/5)
➢ Organized a Design Thinking
Workshop for students of this course
University of Virginia
August 2010 – December 2010
Teaching Assistant: Introduction to the
Science and Engineering of Materials
(undergraduate course)offered by the
Materials Science and Engineering department.

University of Virginia
August 2011 – August 2014
▪ Investigation of inter-relationships
between processing, magnetic properties and
microstructure inCo-Pt alloys at near-eutectoid
University of Virginia
August 2008 –August 2011
▪ Study of migration of random grain
boundaries in pure Al using static and in situ
TransmissionElectron Microscopy
▪ Volume dependence of the contact
angle of water on a nylon surface
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
May 2006 – June 2006, May 2007

Copper-matrix metal-metal
nanocomposites synthesized by high-energy
ball milling: synthesis andcharacterization
Visvesvaraya National Institute of
Technology (VNIT) August
2007 – March 2008
▪ Assessment of Steels for High –
Torque Applications: Failure analysis of
fasteners employed atMinarHydrosystems
Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur

▪ Priya Ghatwai, Eric Vetter, Mark Hrdy,
Thanakorn Iamsasri, William A. Soffa and
Jerrold A. Floro,Magnetic Properties
Associated with the Nano-Chessboard
Structure in Near-Eutectoid Co-PtAlloys.
Talk at TMS 2014: 143rd Annual Meeting &
Exhibition, San Diego, February 2014.
▪ Priya Ghatwai, Mark Hrdy,
Thanakorn Iamsasri, William A. Soffa and
Jerrold A. Floro,Microstructural Origins of
Highly Coercive Co-Pt Alloys at Near-
Eutectoid Composition. Posterat the12th Joint
MMM/Intermag Conference, Chicago, January
▪ Priya Ghatwai, T. Venugopal, K.
Prasad Rao and B.S. Murty, A Study on
Copper Matrix Metal Metal Nanocomposites
Synthesized by High Energy Ball Milling.
Poster at National Metallurgists’Day – Annual
Technical Meeting, Jamshedpur, India,
November 2006 .
▪ Ghatwai, P., Vetter, E., Hrdy, M.,
Soffa, W.A., Floro, J.A.; Evolution of
microstructure andmagnetic properties in Co-
Pt alloys bracketing the eutectoid
composition. Journal of Magnetismand
Magnetic Materials, 375, 2015, 87.
▪ Eric P. Vetter, Priya Ghatwai,
William A. Soffa, and Jerrold A. Floro;
Evolution of First-OrderReversal Curves
During Self-Assembly of the Co40.2Pt59.8
Nano-Chessboard Structure. IEEEMagnetics
Letters, 6, 2015, 6600104.
▪ Eric P. Vetter, Liwei Geng, Priya
Ghatwai, Dustin A. Gilbert, Yongmei Jin,
William A. Soffa andJerrold A. Floro;
Lengthscale effects on exchange coupling in
Co-Pt L10 + L12 snanochessboards.APL
Materials, 4, 2016, 096103.
▪ J.A. Floro, E.P. Vetter, P. Ghatwai, L.
D. Geng, Y.M. Jin, W.A. Soffa; Hierarchical
structure andthe origins of coercivity in
exchange-coupled Co-Pt nanochessboards.
Journal of Magnetism andMagnetic
Materials, 487, 2019, 165313.


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