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Borivali East, Maharashtra, India
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Sagar kanal

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Borivali East

Sagar kanal

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Namaste, Its a beautiful thing that career and passion come together, So following this adige I pursued my dream and made teaching and Career Counselling my profession. The underlying principle was to nurture and guide the students and working professionals towards achieving Great Success, Happiness and Personal Satisfaction in life.

Allegiance Educare tries to solve the basic problems that many students and working professionals face in todays competitive world, is chossing a right career for themselves. They follow the herd mentality and many a times end up with being unhappy and depressed. We not only help individual make proper career choices but also help them feeling complacent about oneself with the help of our scientific methods and counselling. So if you are confused or dissatisfied dont hesitate to approach us at any stage in your life because Anxiety does not solve your problem , career counselling will. 

All the Best!!!


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Ranjeet kaur Juneja
Ranjeet kaur Juneja

3 years ago

Excellent counselling. I was suggested B.Sc+LLB, combination of medical and law, after dicussion, report analysis and my interest.

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