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Art Conservator

The profession of art conservator emerged from the need to protect cultural heritage and artifacts from adverse environmental and human threats.

Art conservators are educated professionals in the field of conservation of works of art, antiquities, architecture and other cultural heritage.

An art conservator is qualified to practice through formal university degree programs in conservation or by a combination of training and experience.

The job of an art conservator is to restore and preserve the artworks. They are responsible for restoring the original condition of the artwork, repairing it when needed, and preserving it for future generations.

This job is open to candidates who have a degree in arts or conservation and a minimum of three years experience. The payscale ranges from $50K-$80K per year.

Art conservators are professionals who work to preserve and restore works of art. They perform tasks such as cleaning, repairing and restoring paintings, sculpture, and other objects that are made from various materials.

The job description of an art conservator is to take care of the artwork and make sure that it is stored in a safe environment. They also have to ensure that the artwork is not harmed by any kind of environmental factors like light, heat or humidity.


To be eligible for this position you need a bachelor's degree in conservation science or fine arts with a specialization in conservation or restoration.


This profession will require you to work with different kinds of materials like paper, textiles, metalwork, ceramics and stone.

An art conservator is a person who restores and preserves works of art, often paintings. These professionals typically work in museums and galleries. They are responsible for the preservation of a museum’s collection and for providing access to its items to the public. Art conservators can be found in many countries all over the world including India.

The job responsibilities of an art conservator include assessing, repairing, restoring, preserving and sometimes researching artwork. They also have to document their work through photography or written records so that future generations can understand how these pieces were cared for over time.


An art conservator is eligible if they have a bachelor's degree in conservation or preservation with at least two years of professional experience as an intern or apprentice under supervision of a qualified conservation professional

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