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Community warden
Community wardens are people who have the responsibility of maintaining the community and ensuring that everyone is safe. They are usually employed by a local council or government agency. Community wardens can also be self-employed and work on a contract basis.

The Community Warden is a person who is responsible for maintaining the security of the community. He or she decides whether an individual is eligible to live in the community or not.

The Community Warden has a number of responsibilities including:

- Checking ID cards and identifying people who have been living in the community illegally.

- Checking if the person has any criminal records, if he or she was on parole, and if they are currently wanted by law enforcement agencies.

- Checking if the person's lifestyle matches with that of a resident of the community and checking if they are carrying any prohibited items such as drugs, weapons, or contraband goods.

- Reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement agencies

A community warden is responsible for ensuring that the neighborhood of their jurisdiction is safe and peaceful. They are expected to maintain law and order, prevent crime, and manage the community’s social services.

A community warden may be a police officer or an employee of a government agency. They work in various places like schools, hospitals, commercial centers, residential areas, and industrial areas.

The job responsibilities of a community warden vary depending on the location they work in. Some of their responsibilities include:

- Preventing crime by patrolling areas with high risk for crime

- Managing emergency situations by responding to emergencies such as fires

- Managing social services by providing assistance to people who need it

- Maintaining law and order by enforcing laws or resolving conflicts


A community warden is a person who manages and supervises the activities of a particular community. They are responsible for maintaining peace, order, and security in their community as well as supporting them in times of need.

Community wardens are employed by various organizations such as religious institutions, schools, hospitals, and government organizations. They are also employed by private organizations that allow the public to enter their premises.

The scope of work is vast and varies from one organization to another. For example, some organizations may require their wardens to only maintain peace while others may require them to provide security services as well.

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