Career as Conservation Officer

Stream : Law, Defense & Civil Services
Sub Stream : Civil Services


  • Conservation officers are also sometimes called  wildlife or natural resource officers.
  • They are law enforcement agents who uphold laws and regulations relating to wildlife and the natural environment. 
  • These officers enforce laws related to hunting and fishing and provide public safety for state parks, trail systems, and other protected areas.
  • Since conservation officers are also law enforcement officers, they must be aware of natural resource, constitutional, and general criminal laws.
  • They may work for state or federal governments, as well as natural resource organizations. 

Major responsibilities of conservation officers include:

  • Patrolling the assigned conservation areas and forests
  • Giving education on conservation issues
  • Providing training courses on hunter safety
  • Enforcing conservation/ wildlife laws
  • Checking licenses for hunting and similar activities
  • Implementing hunting limits
  • Carrying out general law enforcement activities
  • Preparing reports
  • Testifying in courtrooms
  • Making arrests


While looking for a job, we search about the responsibilities, scope, qualification etc required for a particular. But we often forget the most important factors  i.e career interest, Aptitude and personality, needed to be considered, while applying for a job.

 Some of the basic aptitude, personality and interest required to succeed in this career are-





  • This is a good job for people who enjoy the outdoors and have an interest in hunting, fishing, hiking, boating and snowmobiling.
  • Officers are active for most of the day, so people in this field must be physically fit. 


  • Investigative, analytical, and information collecting skills


  • Ability to work without a lot of supervision


There are a number of employers in different sectors of industry that require the specific skill set and knowledge of conservation officers. Conservation officers can get jobs under following job titles-

  • Conservation officer
  • Wildlife Officer
  • Wildlife Enforcement Officer
  • Natural Resources Officer
  • Fish and Game Warden
  • Environmental Police Officer

Following are the different types of employers that hire conservation officers:

  • Conservation groups
  • Consulting companies
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Companies that produce products from natural resources
  • Utility companies
  • All levels of government departments and agencies
  • Oil, gas and mining companies
  • Educational institutions
  • Self-employment as consultants.

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