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A Curator is a person who selects, assembles and presents collections of things such as art, books, tools and furniture. They are responsible for the presentation, organization and care of these items.

Curators are involved in every step of collecting items for an exhibition. From researching different artists to selecting the artwork that will be showcased to taking care of them after the exhibition is over. They also have to take into consideration what exhibitions might be relevant in the future and what pieces can be added or taken away from a show.

Curators are responsible for creating and maintaining a museum. Curators of museums are usually employed by the government as a public service position. They are also employed by private organizations or individuals to manage their collections, acquire new items and run educational programs.

Curators need to be eligible for their position in India, which means that they need to be a graduate from an institution recognized by the government. Curator’s job responsibilities vary depending on the institution and country where they work, but generally speaking it includes organizing exhibitions, managing collections, designing education programs and research activities of museums.

The average salary for curators is about $30k/year with an average pay scale of $33k/year in India.

Curators are responsible for the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage.

Curators work with museums, libraries, archives or other institutions to identify, preserve, evaluate and care for cultural heritage items. They also provide public access to these items.

Curators are considered as a vital part of society because they have the power to preserve and protect our heritage. The job scope is wide-ranging in terms of its responsibilities as well as its payscale - from $24K to $76K per year in India.

Curators are responsible for the maintenance of a collection of objects or artifacts. They are also in charge of organizing, storing, and providing access to these objects.

Curator is a job that is not eligible for students in India. However, it is open to those who have completed their graduation from any recognized institute and has at least one year of experience in a similar field.

The salary range for this job ranges from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 3 lakh per month depending on the location and experience.

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