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Sub Stream : Environmental science

Hydrographic Surveyor

A hydrographic surveyor is a person who surveys the underwater surface of Earth. They use an instrument called a sounding line to measure depths and draw charts for navigation purposes. The sounding line is lowered into the water from a boat and measures depth by measuring the time it takes for sound waves to travel from the instrument's release point to the bottom, and then back up to the release point.

Before starting their career as a hydrographic surveyor, one must have completed high school with at least five years of math, science, and English courses. They also need to have completed two years of college-level mathematics or physics courses in addition to completing training course on hydrographic surveying techniques or two years of experience in surveying.

A hydrographic surveyor is a professional who surveys the coastline, seabed and bottom of rivers. They are also responsible for creating charts and maps of sea depths, currents and depths of rivers.

A hydrographic surveyor is required to have a good understanding of the topography, geology, hydrology and oceanography. They also need to have knowledge of nautical surveying techniques and computer software like ArcGIS or MapInfo.

The job responsibilities include:

- Conducting surveys in water areas for identifying natural resources - Creating charts and maps - Producing data that can be used by various agencies for coastal protection projects

Hydrographic Surveyor is a job that involves surveying the ocean and its resources. This is a career with a lot of scope.

The eligibility criteria for this role is set by the Indian government. It includes having at least 5 years of experience in any of the following fields:

- Engineering or architecture related field

- Marine engineering or marine architecture related field

- Marine hydrographic survey or water resources management related field

Hydrographic surveyors are the people who survey the depths of the ocean, study currents, and make maps. They will be responsible for providing information about marine life to government bodies and other organizations.

The scope of this job has increased with the advent of satellite imagery which provides better details about underwater topography. Hydrographic surveyors also need to keep up with new technology in order to stay relevant in their field.

Eligibility criteria for this job can vary depending on the organization or country where it is being offered.

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