Career as Laboratory Technician

Stream : Health Science
Sub Stream : Clinical Research

Laboratory Technician 

Lab experts are professionals who have the knowledge and experience in a specific field. They serve as experts to other people, who need help understanding the topic. Some scientists are now able to make a living from their research, and in some cases, even make a significant contribution to the field.

Lab experts can be found in many fields of study, but they are mostly found in science. Lab experts are also called lab technicians or lab assistants. They work with scientists and researchers to prepare laboratory experiments and observe the results.

A Laboratory Expert is a person who has passed a recognized course and has been awarded with a certificate.

Laboratory experts are required to work in the field of scientific research and development. They are responsible for evaluating, planning, designing and implementing experiments, as well as analyzing data. The laboratory expert will also have to be able to communicate their findings effectively with other scientists.

Lab experts are also known as Clinical Research Scientists or Clinical Research Associates (CRA). They are responsible for planning, designing and implementing clinical trials that meet the requirements for human trials by conducting clinical research studies. This includes conducting pre-clinical studies, recruiting participants into clinical trials, collecting data from the trial participants and analyzing it. Lab experts will also have to be able to communicate their findings effectively with other scientists in order to carry out

What is the process of becoming a Laboratory Expert in India?

Lab experts are trained to carry out experiments in the lab. They help to identify, analyse and interpret data from the test samples. They are also responsible for maintaining and operating all equipment used for experimentation.

The scope of work for a laboratory expert includes:

- Collecting and analyzing samples from various sources including patients, animals or environmental samples;

- Recording data and information;

- Controlling the experiment environment;

- Writing reports on experimental results.

As a Laboratory Expert, your responsibilities will vary. You may work in the field of microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry or biotechnology.

In India, there are certain eligibility criteria that you need to meet before you can apply for this job. For example, you must have an undergraduate degree from a recognized university and some experience in a related field.

Lab experts can be employed by pharmaceutical companies or research organizations. They will work on projects such as developing new drugs for their company and conducting experiments at the lab bench.

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