Career as Library Assistant

Stream : Education and Training
Sub Stream : Literary

Library Assistant

Librarians make information available to people. They are professionals who manage information in libraries. They are trained to help people access and use information according to their requirements. They work with new technology to manage the available information and knowledge for disbursement.Librarians have three basic functions. They work with people 
• To help them find the information they need 
• Search for and provide information to them 
Librarians Technical responsibilities involve 
• Acquiring and preparing materials for use 
• They use the internet to research and compile information 
Librarians have an administrative role wherein they 
• Are responsible for the management of the library 
• Supervise assistant librarians for the preparation of index cards, computer records or other access tools 
• Supervise and guide staff for proper operation of the library 
Keep updated by reading book reviews, publishers’ notifications and catalogs 
• Select and order books from publishers, wholesalers and distributors. 
• Classify new material by subject matter 
• Organize the display of books and other library materials in a way that users can easily find them. 
• Prepare the budget and oversee other administrative matters. 
In large libraries, librarians often specialize in a single area, such as acquisitions, cataloging, bibliography, reference, special collections, circulation, or administration.

Employment Opportunities for Library Assistant:

• University and college libraries
• School libraries
• Research libraries
• Libraries of Government agencies, Government undertakings and public libraries
• Library Automation Software companies in marketing, training, trouble shooting, managing.
• Media organizations recruit library professionals for indexing records of printed stories and articles.
• Embassies information centres.
• Scientific laboratories

How to become Library Assistant?

Path 1:

• Std XII
Stream: Any
• Graduation
• Professional Course
B. Lib*
• Postgraduation
M.Lib (Optional)
• Goal

*Graduate Course in Library Science is called Bachelor in Library Science (B.Lib) can be done only after graduation. This is a 1 year course.
**B. Lib can be followed by Masters in Library science
*** Library assistants can begin after a Degree/diploma in library science.

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