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The music industry has been evolving drastically over the last few decades. Musicians are no longer relying on the record labels to distribute their music and get it out there. They are taking control of the distribution themselves, using social media and online platforms like YouTube to get their music out there and make money through advertisements.

Musicians have more control over their career now than ever before. They can pick what they want to do with their music, how they want to market it, and how much they want to charge for it.If you are considering becoming a musician, you should be aware that the odds are not in your favor. It is estimated that only 1% of all musicians ever achieve success and fame.

Though the musician has been an integral part of Indian culture for centuries, it has been a struggle for them to find a sustainable career.

The musician's job responsibilities are very diverse and varied. They are responsible for playing instruments and singing, but also for composing music, conducting concerts, and organizing events.

The scope of the musician is not limited to just music. They can be involved in other aspects such as teaching music or designing musical instruments.

The recent changes in the music industry have led to a shift in the way musicians are seen and treated. Musicians have transformed from being a niche profession to one that is mainstream.

The recent boom in music streaming has led to a change in how musicians are viewed. A musician can now be an artist who sells their songs and albums, or they can be someone who plays gigs, or they can be an entertainer who performs at private events and weddings.

A musician's job responsibilities vary depending on their scope of work. For instance, if a musician is playing gigs, then they need to make sure that their equipment is running smoothly and that everything is set up for the gig before it starts. If they're playing for private events, then their job responsibilities include making sure that people are having fun

Musicians are a common profession in India. They perform live music in front of an audience or recording it. However, the eligibility to become a musician is different for every state in India.

Musicians are also responsible for the promotion and marketing of their work. This includes interacting with fans, performing at gigs, and selling merchandise.

The scope of musicians is wide-ranging - from playing solo to being part of a band or orchestra.

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