Career as Politician

Stream : Law, Defense & Civil Services
Sub Stream : Government

Politics in India is generally perceived to be a dirty game where you need to shed your morals and adopt an unscrupulous, hypocritical and devious way of living. This prejudice, which is unfortunately not baseless, discourages students and educated people from joining politics. Largely, politics is not considered a career in India, and with good reason. However, if the country has to change, it is necessary and imperative for some young blood to enter politics and bring a change in the system.


Lately, there has been a change in the political system of India. Several educated people who held positions of power in the private sector quit their jobs to make a career in politics. Although not all of them won the elections they contested, they have remained on the path of public service. So, for people who are driven and have the passion to do something good for the country, politics was and is an option. However, it cannot be denied that the vast difference in the social and economical scenario in the present day when compared to the past has made the present a more conducive time for people who want to choose politics as a career option.


Students who want to make their career in politics, they will have to study political science & history. They can also work as an intern & volunteering and get involved in local issues & campaigns involving the masses.

There are no specific degrees in politics, but Law, Business & Education are the most trending choice of the candidates. Students of any other degree can also join politics.

Degree in political science is available at graduate level, master’s level and doctorate levels.

Bachelor’s Courses:

Bachelor of Arts (B.A ) in Political Science
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Political Science
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Political Science
Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Politics

Master’s Courses

The duration of the Master courses is two years:

Master of Arts (M.A) in Political Science
Master of Science (M.Sc) in Politics Research
Master of Arts (M.A) in International Relations and Political Science
Master of Arts (M.A) in Political Science and Public Administration
You can also go for the postgraduate study in order to develop your knowledge or to specialize in the particular area. The subjects at master’s level include:

Human Rights
Politics and Communication
Politics & Public Policy
International Politics
International Relations
American Politics
Doctoral degree (Ph.D) in Political science is also offered in the field of politics.

Other Courses:
M.Phill in Political Science
M.Phill in Politics
M.Phill in International Politics
Ph.D in International Politics
Ph.D in Political Science
Ph.D in Politics


How much salary a politician can earn?

Salary in the field of politics depends upon your designation and post.

In India, MLA receives an annual salary of 6 lacs. The MLA daily allowance for each day of attending parliament is Rs. 2000.

In abroad, the basic annual salary of all MLAs is near around $91,201.00.

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