Career as Public Relations Executive

Stream : Media, Film & Mass communication
Sub Stream : Public Relations

Public Relations Executive

In a company you'll work towards building up this corporate image in the minds of the public.. A good image translates into an increase in the sales turnover. However, good Public Relations Executive is not just the domain of the multinationals. Even an NGO needs good Public Relations Executive to raise capital for all its activities. It will be very interesting and varied. Other than building the corporate image of your company or organisation, you would also be involved in publishing the in-house magazine or communiqué, developing corporate brochures and other PR materials like slides, transparencies, video films, presentation, etc.You could also be called in to give your inputs on designing and developing the brochures for promotional and marketing purposes. In crisis situation you will be trusted upon to spruce up your company image and handle the image damage. you will also help the corporate in developing and maintaining good relations with government agencies, legal and statutory bodies, press, 

As a PR executive you could specialise in: 
Corporate Communications:- You'll be helping organisations manage their relations with stakeholders, investors, general public, customers, government, employees, future employees and others. 
Marketing Communications:- You could be handling product launches, branding and positioning, media tours, sales promotion, sponsorships, dealer/franchisee/distributor/supplier contact programmes, etc. 
Corporate Identity You'll be working on building the corporate name, logo, symbols, letter pads, envelopes, websites, interior and exterior design of office, displays and exhibition stands, audio-visual materials and other such things. 
Investor Relations:- Your focus will be developing and maintaining good investor relations for the company. Employee Relations:- Maintaining good relation with the employees of the organisation will be your domain as a Public Relations Executive. This is important for the smooth and successful functioning of the organisation. 
Event Management:- As a Public Relations Executive, you are concerned with conceptualising, developing, implementing, and managing events for corporates and other clients. You'll handle 339 product launches, treat delegates in a seminar, manage the Annual General Meeting and so on. 
Crisis Management:- A company is often caught unaware of various legal implications and accidents like its particular product causing harm to the environment, government banning manufacturing in a plant, etc. In these cases as a Public Relations Executive, you have to manage the crisis situations. 
Celebrity Management:- It is a growing area in Public Relations. You would help the rich and the famous in managing their careers. The new entrants in this field will look up to you to give a boost to their careers. The most important quality of a Public Relations Executive is their ability to strike the right rapport with whosoever it matters. You got to have good contacts in the media. This will help ward off any negative publicity. That's the reason Public Relation firms prefer people with prior experience in media.

Top Recruiting Companies of Public Relations Executive:

 Large Public Relation firms like Perfect Relations, Good Relations India Ltd., etc.
 Public Relation/Corporate Communication/Corporate Affairs/External Affairs department of large companies
 Independent Public Relation consultants often recruit assistants to help them
 Various government agencies and big NGOs
 Marketing and management consultant organisations and event management firms

How to become Public Relations Executive?

For the educational qualifications, a postgraduate degree/diploma in public relations only helps you marginally. A degree/diploma in Mass communication may also help. PR firms also recruit MBA. 
You must have excellent communication skills in English and any other regional language. It helps if you know a foreign language. And you should be good in both your writing as well as in verbal

Median Pay Scale / salary of Public Relations Executive :

In a medium-sized Public Relation firm you will get about Rs 8,000-25,000 or more a month to start with. With 5-7 years of experience as a Public Relation excecutive in media, advertising, marketing, corporate communication, etc., you can expect Rs 20,000-50,000 or more. The government departments and agencies make appointments through UPSC. The pay ranges from Rs 11,000-12,000 in the beginning. As a Public Relation executive you could earn a maximum of Rs 25,000 a month.

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