Career as Technical Illustrator

Stream : Arts, Design & Fashion
Sub Stream : Graphic Design

Technical Illustrator
Technical illustrators are professionals that use their skills to create illustrations for engineering, manufacturing, and other technical purposes.

Technical Illustration is a career with a lot of opportunities. There are different types of jobs in this field, such as:

- Illustrating blueprints

- Working on product design

- Creating animations

- Drawing and designing technical illustrations for manuals and instruction manuals.

A technical illustrator's job is to create illustrations and diagrams that are used in the manufacturing or construction industries. The responsibilities of a technical illustrator can vary depending on the industry, but they typically include:

- Creating sketches and drawings for projects

- Drawing blueprints for projects

- Drawing schematics to show how parts should be assembled

- Creating renderings of buildings, landscapes, or other things that need to be constructed

- Working with engineers and architects to make sure plans are accurate

- Reviewing drawings and making changes as needed

A technical illustrator is someone who creates technical drawings, diagrams, charts, and illustrations that are used in engineering and other fields.

The job requirements for a technical illustrator depend on the industry that they work in. For example, an automotive illustrator will need to have knowledge of how cars work while an architectural illustrator needs to know about architecture. They also need to be able to sketch or draw well and be good at using computers for their job.


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