Are you looking for an RBI Assistant revision plan for the last 10 days?

The RBI Assistant Prelims exam is scheduled for March 26th and 27th 2022 and RBI Assistant admit cards are expected to arrive soon. With only 10 days left in our hands to prepare for the exam, you should thoroughly review all sections and practice as much as possible.

In this article, I am providing a 10-day revision plan for RBI Assistant Prelims so that you can plan your revision strategy ahead of time.

Before you begin revising for the upcoming exam I would like to share a few other important things that you should keep in mind:

●       It is very important to concentrate on each section individually because they are all equally important.

●       It is crucial to analyse your strengths and weaknesses after taking a mock test and then work on them accordingly.

●       Practise different types of questions to improve your accuracy and speed.

RBI Assistant last minute revision plan:

➢      Instead of attempting to learn new things at this moment, it is recommended that you should concentrate on revising the topics/questions that you believe are your strong points. Take a Free RBI Assistant Mock Test to practise your newly learned concepts and identify your weak spots.

➢      Practise is the only thing that can help a student to improve his or her speed and accuracy. There is no better way to revise for the RBI Assistant than to take online RBI Assistant Mock Tests. I suggest to you that you should visit the website to practise their RBI Assistant Free Mock Tests. Their RBI Assistant Mock Test Series comprises expert-prepared Topic Wise Test, Subject-Wise Test, Sectional Test and Full-Length Mock Tests as well as Scholarship Test.

➢      The Quant section of the RBI Assistant Exam may include lengthy calculations. So, to improve your speed and save time, practise a variety of shortcut techniques you learned during preparation and apply them while answering questions.

➢      To improve your problem-solving speed, try memorising formulas, tables, common conversions, squares and cubes. This is the best technique to use for last-minute RBI Assistant Exam preparation.

➢      Keep an open mind to the possibility that RBI will throw some surprises your way. Simply be confident in your preparation and approach the questions in the best way possible.

➢      An active and fresh mind will put you in the best frame to solve problems faster and better. To accomplish this, limit your study time on the days leading up to your exam. Get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before your exam. People tend to underestimate the benefit that a fresh mind can provide, particularly during a time and speed based exam in which you must answer 100 questions in 60 minutes.

Now, I am sharing some last minutes important tips you must keep in mind the day before your exam:

➢      Maintain Your Calm and Confidence. You have worked hard and your efforts will be rewarded.

➢      Prepare your admit card and all other necessary documents a day before the exam to avoid the last-minute rush.

Reread everything you've learned and don't get stuck on the topics you haven't covered yet. Examine the mock analysis for the mocks you took to ensure you don't make the same mistakes you did in the mock tests.



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