3rd ranker out of 15 other candidates of my university class.

 My  query is recently i passed my semseter with a first class above 65 % and i came in 3rd rank out of 15 students. So, i know its a silly question but are 3rd RANKERS too considered to be one of the top rankers as in my case only 15 students are there and soemwhere i read 3rd RANK position can only be determined if more then 15 students are there or something? Is it true ? Is my 3rd rank position out of 15 candidates not good enough to be considered as a rank because here the candidates are in less amount ? Pls i request your team to help me solve my query i know its a silly question to ask but after a year ill be preparing for asst. professor post and apart from qualifying for my NET'JRF/SET i also want to impress my interviewers with good ranks being scored in masters.So pls help me that can out of 15 other students 3rd rank position can be too consdiered worthwhile ? Or only the top 2 positions are held in account. Thanks in advance.



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