Last Moment Quick Revision Tips For CDSE

As we know, the examination of Combined Defence Services which is conducted by the Union Public Services is going to take place on the 10th of April, 2022. Since we don't have much time to prepare for the exam, I am hoping that you are already aware of all the important information regarding the examination or the pattern and syllabus of the exam.

First, you should be aware of some Do's and & Don'ts which you need to apply in these last 10 days:

  1. Don't choose anything new, such as a new source, a new topic, or a new trick.

  2. To cover the entire syllabus, you should revise section by section.

  3. Create a study plan based on the weak and strong sections or areas.

  4. To prepare for the exam, take the CDS Sectional Test.

  5. Try some CDS MCQ to enable yourself to answer the questions quickly.

  6. Don't compare yourself to others; instead, focus on your own pace and speed.

  7. At this time, stay away from gadgets.

  8. Because you don't have much time, don't study entire chapters, just read factual notes.

  9. Do not study for late hours at night.

  10. You should also focus on your physical fitness, so take short breaks and get enough sleep. You can also practise yoga to relax. 

Subject-wise Preparation Tips


To be sure that this section is correct, double-check the relevant topics.

Spotting the Error: This section assesses candidates' mastery of English grammar in depth. It is recommended that you develop a reading habit. Candidates must spend two hours every day solving questions from this subject in order to do well in this section.

Reading Comprehension: Experts recommend devoting at least 3 hours each day on reading comprehension. It is beneficial to practise the previous year's question papers in order to achieve a high score. Also, if you want to speed up your reading, read the editorial sections from a daily newspaper.

Synonyms and Antonyms: Read 10-15 new words every day to find synonyms and antonyms. For each new word, look for at least three synonyms and antonyms. Newspapers or compilation books are helpful resources for improving this area. Continue to revise the older terms while also introducing new ones.

General knowledge

This section contains questions based on Static GK and current events.


Current Events: It includes questions about national, international, science and technology, and other themes. Following CA, candidates usually prioritise Economics. Focus more on macroeconomic concerns like taxation in this section. Inflation, unemployment, and taxation are only a few examples.

Modern History and Polity: This is a critical section. More emphasis will be placed on Indian national movements. Review Bipan Chandra's publications to answer questions about Modern History.

Geography: It is recommended that the name and position of the straits, as well as the country's vegetation cover, be revised. These themes are the subjects of questions. Make notes while you're studying so you can go over them afterward. Make a list of the names of mountain passes, rivers, and other landmarks.


To ace this section, you'll need to know about trigonometry and mensuration:

Mensuration: According to experts, the 'Mensuration Topic' is a crucial part of this paper. It is recommended that you pay special attention to the 'Mensuration 3D' section, which includes questions about spheres, hemispheres, cylinders, cones, and other objects. Questions based on formulas are occasionally asked. As a result, attempt to recall the formulas and revise them at the last possible moment.

Trigonometry: Start with 'Angles,' then move on to 'Height and Distance.' Practice the Trigonometric Identities questions and try to remember the formulas, applications, and so on.

For Reference:

  • To introspect yourself you can refer to Testwale as they are providing Free CDS Mock Test Series based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus and going through their  Online CDS Mock Test Series will assist you in diminishing your exam fear.

  • They are also providing Quizzes in pdf which includes the most expected questions of the CDS Examination. 

You can practice CDS Previous Year's Questions on Chemistry, Physics, Biology, etc through their website. I personally prepared for my examination through their test series and questions which was really beneficial for me and am hoping the same for you.



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