Looking For RBI Assistant Marks Latest Updates?

The Reserve Bank of India will hire 950 people for the post of Assistant, and the preliminary examination will be held on March 26th and 27th. The Mains examination is scheduled to take place in May.

If you are going to take this exam and are looking for tips and tricks to help you clear it, you should know that no tips and tricks will help you because you are the only person who can help yourself. So, all you have to do is remember a few key points that will help you reach your goal in the final days.

Firstly, read these common mistakes which are repeatedly done by the candidates:

1. Not Answering The Question: Sometimes candidates skip the questions for a while and in the end, they forget to answer that question.

2. Panicking: Due to anxiety and nervousness candidates are not able to manage their time during the examination.

3. Not Reading The Question Properly: Don’t be in a rush just read every question twice before answering it as this is the most important part of your examination.

Some Do’s and Don’ts which you should follow while revising topics:


Schedule: You should make a study schedule and follow it with dedication and loyalty as RBI Assistant is the examination that requires your 100%.

Gather Study Material: You should place every single study material on your study table. So, whenever you start with your revision you don’t have to collect it every time.

Revise: You should revise all your studied topics on the last day of the week. You can practice some Online Test Series Of RBI Assistant for your revision. It will let you know your weak and strong sections.

Section-wise Preparation: You should give a proper time to each section and topic, for this you should manage your time so that you will be able to give time to the whole syllabus.

Make Factual Notes: You should learn dates and formulas at your fingertips and for this, you have to make factual notes and paste them on the walls and doors of your study room.


Don’t Study In Bed: If you study in your bed then you wouldn’t be able to give your full concentration to your study.

Don’t Study at Night: To crack examination you don’t have to be a firefly at night, You can study in the daytime. 

Distraction: Don’t get distracted from gadgets and don’t waste your time in games or other activities as well.

Comparison: Don’t compare yourself with others as this can demotivate you. Just focus on your study plan and preparations.

You can refer to Testwale’s Free Online Test Series as I found it helpful at these last moments.



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