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United Kingdom has a great tradition in higher education. The words Oxford and Cambridge usher into our mind an research. The latter celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2009; the former dates further UK has to offer much more than pillars of strength. No wonder the UK has been one of the most popular destinations for international students for several the structures of decades. Further the style and structure of educational organizations in the UK has been a fountain of inspiration for countries many including India.

There is a stunning variety of programs with a wide range of courses to suit practically every taste and talent. Many programs enjoy world-class reputation for quality. From the point of view of Indian students, the medium of English language is a matter of great convenience.

The universities stress on student-centered work in contrast our institutions, where teachers often function as the prime source of information and knowledge.

Self-study, academic discussions in the classroom, students' presentations, and continuous assessment of students fine quality of learning. There is scrutiny at every level. The analytical skills and problem solving abilities of students come to full bloom as a result of directed learning. This enhances their professional capabilities and employability.


The number of Indian students in the UK us nearly 25000, next only to those of china. Oxford and Cambridge, in UK are world renown Universities in UK. Latter celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2009.


Education Levels :


Certificate : Certificates of higher education


Intermediate : Foundation degrees

Honours : Bachelor's degrees with honours

               Graduate certificates and graduate diplomas


Masters : Master's degrees

Doctoral : Doctorates

There is a Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education which scrutinises how universities and colleges maintain their academic standards and quality.


The range of annual tuition fees for Indian students is as follows :

Undergraduate : Pound 7,000 - 12,000

Postgraduate :  Pound 9,000 - 14,000; for MBA programs it may be higher.

The fees for laboratory or workshop based courses may be 15-20 percent more than those for classroom based courses. The annual budget for living costs may be pound 5,500 - 8,000. Students who undergo programs of more than 6 months can take up part-time work, not exceeding 20 hrs a week. Some universities might give permission for 15-16 hrs. If you have permissions to stay in the UK for twelve months or more for studies, your dependent spouse can work full time. However you would not get entry in UK if you indicate that your funding will be from your Spouse accompanying you and working in UK.

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