Study in USA

Though there is great mobility of international students around the globe. Most of them favor certain countries, the most favored among them being the United States . The UK, Germany, and France come next, usually in that order. Nearly one- fourth of the international students go to the US. There are several reasons for this popularity.

No other country has so many reputed universities as of United States , if you look at any global ranking of universities, you may perhaps be surprised to find the enormous dominance of this country.  It occupies a position far above all others.  Many universities in the US have excellent infrastructural facilities in terms of faculty and equipment. They invest substantial sums for research activities, and many departments often have strong links with industry. The campus support services, opportunities for financial aid, and streamlined admission procedure are some of the other significant points for their appeal. One great advantage of study universities is that the language of study is invariably English.

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