Barriers to Foreign Education

Barriers to Foreign Education
30 July 2019

An expert once summarised the barriers in study abroad. There are 4 F's that may challenge your study abroad experience :

  • Family
  • Faculty
  • Finances
  • Fear

Family: If your parents are reluctant to send you abroad, for concerns based on lack of right information, you could get the help of a competent advisor or a person who is enjoying the benefit of successful studies abroad.

Faculty: It is possible that your professors in India dissuade you from going abroad, citing the futility of such an endeavour when facilities are available in India at a much cheaper rate of payment. This barrier can be more easily overcome, compared to the resistance from parents. You may present an objective analysis of the pros and cons of study abroad vis-a-vis study in India. and highlight the merits of foreign academic experience.

Finances: The barrier posed by paucity of finances is often real, unless you can identify the right sources for scholarships, work-study, or educational loans.

Fear: This is a barrier you can overcome with some effort. Every man has a fear of the unknown and the unfamiliar. You must have heard that a known devil is better than a strange angel. The thought of life in a foreign country may evoke a sense of fear in your mind. This can be dispelled by different methods. You can discuss life in the country of destination with those who have studied there, or at least lived there for a long time. You can gather data about the country from the Internet, or travelogues, or books written by native authors. A better understanding of the country will make you gradually familiar with the culture and life-style there. Some may fear racial prejudices that may often be unfounded. The basic solution lies in knowing more and more about the country of your destination, well before your takeoff. 


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