Career in Ecology, Forestry, Conservationist and Environmental Studies

Career in Ecology, Forestry, Conservationist and Environmental Studies
30 July 2019

Pursuing B.A. after 12th and then M.Sc is the Education Path in Environmental Science.

Some of the Careers are :

Senior Environmental Officer, Aquatic Animals Biologist; Lecturer in Environmental Science; Benthic Ecologist; Senior Research Fellow; and Research Project Fellow

 Environmental baseline studies
 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies
 Environmental Compliance Auditing (ISO 14001:2004) of industrial and oil and gas
 Air and water quality surveys and management
 Occupational health and safety monitoring
 Vegetation, flora and vertebrate fauna surveys
 Environmental sensitivity surveys of areas proposed for development
 Assessment and remediation of contaminated sites
 Marine ecological surveys and monitoring of marine, coastal and estuarine water quality
and biota
 Hazardous waste management
 Coastal zone management
 Preparation of Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
 Liaising with ministries and industrial clients for environmental permitting and other
 Monitoring and management of sewage treatment plant (STP)
 Environmental and HSE training

Skills Summary required :
• Climate and Environmental Impact Assessment (CEIA) Studies
• Environmental Compliance Auditing (ISO 14001:2004)
• Environmental (Air, Land and Water Quality) Surveys and Management
• Environmental Data Analyses & Environmental Monitoring Report Preparation
• Review of various Reports
• Environmental Permitting
• Environmental Management Plan (EMP) Preparation
• Monitoring of Marine, Coastal and Estuarine Water Quality and Biota
• Assessment of Biodiversity
• Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sites
• Occupational Health and Safety Monitoring
• Environmental and HSE Training
• Preparation of Tender documents & Project Proposals and submission
• Liaising with Ministries and Industrial Clients for Environmental Permitting and Other Approvals
• Teaching & Research in Environmental Sciences
• Environmental Education & Community Awareness Programs
• Marine Benthic Sampling, Sample Preservation, Taxonomic Identification, Pollution Assessment, and Ecosystem Health & Impact Analyses and Report Writing



Following is a Careerpath of an individual currently working as an Advisor for Ministry of Environment & Forests :

Name of the Office




From       To

Scale of Pay

Key Responsibilities



Ministry of Environment & Forests


2010- till




Basic at present

69420 and grade pay Rs. 10000

  • National Wetland Conservation Programme
  • Ramsar Convention on Wetland
  • Central Regulatory  Authority of Wetlands  for Regulatory purposes
  • Salim Ali Centre of Ornithology and National History (SACON) Centre of excellence at Coimbatore

Ministry of Environment & Forests


2001- 2010



  • Coordination of the National Wetland Conservation Programme of Government of India under implementation in 23 states
  • Formulation and implementation of management action plans of identified wetlands in collaboration with the state government agencies
  • Fulfilling Government of India’s obligations to Ramsar Convention
  • Organizing training workshops for senior bureaucrats and industrial managers on environmental aspects, specifically on values and functions of wetlands.  
  • Coordination of programmes relating to water, particularly rainwater harvesting, wetland conservation, conservation of high altitude lakes, coastal wetlands
  • Organization of training programmes in the field of hydrology, R&D, conservation and management aspects
  • Collection, retrieval and dissemination of information on various aspects of environment, particularly wetlands biosphere reserves, and national heritage sites


Addl. Director

June, 1994 - 2001



  • Coordination of National Lake Conservation Programme
  • Constitution of State Steering Committees for conservation of freshwater wetlands, mangroves and corals
  • Organizing collection, retrieval and dissemination of information on various aspects of environment, particularly wetlands, mangroves, corals, biosphere reserves, and national heritage sites


Joint Director

May, 1989-June, 1994


  • Coordination of Ministry of Environment and Forests’ programmes on Conservation and Management of freshwater wetlands, mangroves and coral reefs


Scientist ‘SD’

May, 1984-June 1989


  • Coordinating MoEF’s programmes wetlands and environmental education and organizing training courses for Senior Administrators from various state governments and managers from industries at Administrative staff, Hyderabad thrice a year

Geo Botanical Instt. Zurich, Switzerland

Academic Guest in ETH


3000 Swiss francs/


  • Conservation and Management of Mid Swiss Peatlands

Department of Biosciences, Himachal University, Shimla

Co-investigator of a project on Himachal Lakes


Rs. 1500 /month Research Associate

  • Conservation and Management of fresh water lakes in Himachal Pradesh in India

Technical University of Dresden, Germany

Post-graduate Diploma


Marks 800/ month

  • Environmental Management and Protection, UNESCO (Germany)

Department of Bio-sciences, Himachal University, Shimla

Post Doctoral Fellow Council of Scientific and Industrial Research



Rs. 900/ month

  • Conservation of freshwater lakes in Himachal Pradesh

Botany Department, Kashmir University, Srinagar

Sr. Research Fellow, Botany in a project from Science & Technology Department


Rs. 600/ month

  • Conservation and Management of Dal Lake and Neelnag Lakes in Kashmir


Junior Research Fellow, UGC project


Rs. 500/ month

  • Analysis of some wetland ecosystems of Kashmir with special reference to Biogeochemical cycling

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