courses after 12th science for PCB/M students (non medical)

courses after 12th science for PCB/M students (non medical)
30 July 2019

Are you someone who would prefer taking a road less travelled, rather than following the crowd aimlessly?  

Are you a science student, who took admission in science stream because of your interest in subjects like physics, chemistry, biology or maths ? but now you are stuck with friends and family, showing you brochures for best medical colleges or persisting to give repeated attempts at NEET and AIIMS because they have a fixed mindset that in India, MBBS is the only career that has good scope and job prospects. But you believe medical isn’t your calling, and finding it hard to convince them?

                                                                            We are here to help you out !!

 We  prepared a list a career options for you, which are not only in demand currently but also has a wide range of job opportunities-

But remember, making a career decision is a very important step in your life, so selecting a career on basis of its scope, demand or assumptions that suits your taste, isn’t the right way to choose a career path. It is  very much essential to guage whether your chosen option fits right with your aptitude, interest and personality.

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Want to save lives or treat diseases? medical isn’t the only pathway for it,  you can do so by joining the field of life science.

What it is?

In simple terms, Life science is defined as that branch of science which deals with study of  living organisms such as plants, animals and human beings. It offers multiple range of subjects like-



- Aspirants wanting to make a career in this field can do a degree in Bachelor’s of science ( in Life science.

- Duration of in life science is 3 years

- The minimum eligibility criteria is  10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) as subjects chosen. Some colleges prefer a minimum of 50% aggregate marks PCB.

 After the completion of interested students can pursue in life science which 2 years course.

- offers specialization in zoology, biochemistry, microbiology etc.

Job prospects-

- A wide spectrum of organizations including healthcare, cosmetic and food-processing companies, NGOs, environment consultancy firms, and drug manufacturing companies hire specialists in life sciences.

-There are jobs available in areas such as management, administration, sales, legal support, writing and illustrating.




 When we hear the word “forensic science” our mind immediately wander to popular television drama CID, as children at some point we all fantasized ourselves at crime scene collecting evidence, staring into microscopes, even engaging in shootouts with the bad guys. Well, if you are science student with PCB as subject choices this dream isn’t unachievable for you.

what is forensic science?

Forensic science is the combination of two different words, forensic which means discussion or examination , and science which relates to a systematic way of acquiring knowledge. So forensic science together is explained as use of the scientific methods and processes to examine or investigate a situation (like murder, robbery etc) occurred.


   Some private universities have their own entrance exams for admission for their master level courses.

 Job prospects-

-In government sector, a trained forensic scientist can be hired  by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI),  Intelligence Bureau (IB), Central Govt. Forensic Sciences Labs, Police Department, Defense/Army & Quality Control Bureau.

- In private sector, they work with Private Detective Agencies and Law Firms.

-Forensic scientists can also  work at  public and private s bank (as forensic accountant)  , hospitals(forensic pathologist)  and universities(lecturer)

- They can also open their own forensic practice & forensic service offices.

 - It is no secret that crime rates in India is increasing day by day, with criminals leaving hardly any evidence behind, this lead to a urgent need for professional who can over smart them. Forensic science is a crucial element for modern day judicial.




Disturbed with the increasing  population? Depletion of tress? Want to do something about it, well like you can by studying environment science.

 What is Environmental Science ?

It is a branch of  science  which studies numbers of ways to the effects of physical, chemical, and biological conditions of the environment , their effect on organisms and finding ways  protect our environment . The course combines aspects of  Biology, Ecology, Geography, Chemistry, Technology, and Social Science.

To know more, Read our blog on career in Environment science


 Job Opportunities-

Careers opportunities can be found in-

 Pollution Control Boards

Water authority

 Urban planning

Environmental monitoring organizations,

 Environmental consultancies,




  fertilizer plants,

 NGOs etc

The recent ban on fire crackers in Delhi and plastic ban in Maharashtra,  forecast out loud the increasing need for environmental science professionals in the near future, thus indicating a parallel increase in environmental science  jobs in India.




What is biotechnology?

As the name suggests ‘Biotechnology’, is a combination of biology and technology. It basically uses biological techniques to product a specific product which would be helpful to mankind and society in general.


 -You can either do years) or B.Tech(4 years) in biotechnology admission in both requires 10+2 science with PCM/B as subjects chosen.

 - You can further go for or in biotechnology.

To learn more, watch our video on career in biotechnology

Job opportunities-

Graduates in field can play for jobs in following sector-

  •        Animal husbandry
  •        Genetic engineering
  •        Soil biology
  •        Ecology
  •      Cosmetics
  •       Textile industry
  •       Chemicals
  •        BioProcessing
  •        Department of biotechnology
  •        Agriculture Institutes
  •        Public funded laboratories
  •        Pharmaceuticals



Despite being primarily, an agricultural country, young generation of India,  shy away from considering agriculture as a career path. Somebody needs to point out to them one basic advantage that agriculture has over other sectors: other industries might need down-sizing, but feeding the world is a job that isn’t ever going to face recession!

 What is it?

Agriculture as a field is not just about the traditional roles related to farming and crops includes various other dimensions like Horticulture, Poultry Farming, Pisciculture, Dairy Farming, Agricultural Biotechnology, etc.


 Job prospects-

 Graduate from this field are recruited at-

·         State Agriculture Department

·         Government banks

·         Fertilizer Manufacturing firms,

·          Agriculture Machinery Industries,

·          Agricultural Products Marketing firms,

·         Food processing units etc.

Agriculture matters to the future of development. Economist have point out that agriculture is four times more effective than other sectors in reducing poverty. It can even be a gold mine for young entrepreneurs.


You can also opt for paramedical courses, interested students can read our blog on Top paramedical courses in India.

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