Faq's In Mentor

A career counsellor helps an individual to make informed career decisions; explore occupational choices; prepare for an effective job search and connect with part-time, internship, and full-time employment opportunities.
  1. Enhance your Resume - Make your CV stand out through a certification.
  2. Fulfill Entrepreneurial Aspirations - Set up your practice with the technological and informational support from us.
  3. Build a Career in Career Counselling - Tap the rapidly growing and in-demand field of career counselling.
  4. Access to mentor dashboard - Make your profile live on Mentor dashboard, Access to learning materials, Menror certificate and Test refferal link.
  • First step: 
Register through this link-> Click Here to access the mentor dashboard.
  • Second Step: 
Make a payment of Rs.1000 to get access to training material on your dashboard and complete the Mentor Test. (Get 2 attempts)
If you pass the test then your profile will be made live and you can download a mentor certificate valid for one year. 
If you fail the test then you have to make the payment again for a re-test. 
  • Third step: 
After successful completion of Test get your profile live, get Mentor Certificate, student database, test referral URL under your name to share within your referrals, get reward points on student/mentor referrals, make your Profile/Contact details searchable by our Counseling partners across India for face to face Counselling, periodic updation of new training material for download on your dashboard, referral student online payment transfer directly to a mentor bank account.
This Career counselling online course is beneficial for Industry experts/Career counsellors/Teachers/Professors/Trainers and anyone who has the passion to help students guide them on their career path. 
Note: The minimum qualification is a graduation with good communication and analytical skills, but a career counselling certification /degree/diploma in the career counselling would be an added advantage.
This is neither a part time or full time opportunity, but an Independent/Freelance opportunity that you can pursue along with your full-time job as well. The frequency of counsellings you recieve depends on the students shortlisting parameters ie. geographical, specific mentor profile, availability of mentor, etc. You can share your refferal link as well with your references to conduct counsellings.
Yes, this program is suitable who has a passion for mentoring others in their specialized fields. But education, and psychology backgrounds will be more suitable.
The career counselling package is designed for :
~7th -10th Std (Age 12-16 yrs)
~10th-12th Std (Age 16-18 yrs)
~Graduates (Age 18-21 yrs)
~Working professionals (Age 21 yrs & above)
  • A test referral link is generated under the Mentor's name after completion of the course, which the Mentor can forward amongst his/her contacts. If a student pays from the Mentor referral link, the referral fee (i.e. 24% of the total amount of career counselling package) is directly credited to the Mentor Bank Account. 
  • You also get 100/200 points on every Student subscribing for a career counselling package from the Mentor Test referral link.
  • Mentor receives 100 points on other Mentor referrals as well.
Step 1: Choose a career counselling package and make an online payment.
Step 2: Give 10 tests from your desktop or mobile.
Step 3: Fill in 3 Aspired Careers and download the Automated Career Assessment Report.
Step 4: Attend the face to face counselling appointment with a Mentor where a Final Career path will be devised.
On average the Mentor receives Rs. 600 to Rs. 800 per counselling session which lasts for around an hour. If the student pays from the mentor referral link, then 24% of the total fee transfers directly to the mentor Bank account. (Note: The counselling fee of Mentors would depend on what our career counselling franchisee partners have set.)
Around 1hr-2hr.
There is no fixed number or commitment for the number of counsellings the mentor will receive. The number of counsellings usually depend on the number of enquiries coming from the Mentor's area. The mentor profile would be searchable by our Career Counselling Franchisee partners in case they are looking to fix up an appointment for face to face counselling with students. Student/Parents usually chooses a Mentor for counselling based on Mentor's Profile, geographical location, availability, etc, hence there is no commitment on the no. of counsellings. But you can promote your Test refferal link and enrol leads you receive on your dashboard.

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