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Education and making a career decision is one of the topmost priorities of every individual. Career Counselling is a need, so as a business it is quite a lucrative business to start. We provide an Ecosystem with Online Tests, Automated Report, Mentor database, etc to start and facilitate in running this business. Not only students after completing their boards or graduation academic year show interest in career counselling. Many working professionals also look for a career shift. So, this business is not at all seasonal.  
15 Lakh Career Counsellors are needed in india to balance an average Student to Counsellor ratio. In India, 500 Million Population in the Age Bracket Of 5-24Years.
Rs.5000 Crore Is Estimated Market Size
Of Career Counselling Industry In India As Per
KPMG, EY And MHRD Report. Shortage Of 1.4 Million Career Counsellor to Maintain Globally Accepted Student Counsellor Ratio.
Apart from career counselling, there are other revenue generation opportunities like enrolling for mentor program, tie up with institutes, etc
You get 100% of every payment made on the portal for the no. of units you have topped up. The split is directly made to your bank account at the point of payment by the customer.
We create a subdomain of the whitelabel, so they get a subdomain URL under their name viz. whitelabelname.allegiance.educare.in.
But you can always give redirections and masking if you have your own domain name from your domain control panel.
If you are looking to start a career counselling brand, then you should go for whitelabel. The profit share is 100% as compared to 24% for Mentor. You also get other earning opportunities in whitelabel like Mentor, Certification and lead generation packages. You get a list of mentor database for counselling across India in whitelabel. Whitelabel gets a fully editable website to add/edit content and pages of their website. Whitelabels get a ready to start career counselling portal brand with blogs, forums and many other career counselling tools. Last but not least, you promote your own brand.
A basic roadmap on the Expense and revenue per month  to break even...
Expense :
Office Rent : Rs.5000 per mnth (arnd 200 sq ft office)
Digital Marketing Campaigns : Rs.1400 per mnth
Misc (mobile, electricity, visiting cards, banners, etc): Rs.2600k per mnth
Whitelabel Cost : Rs.25000/12 = Rs.2083 per mnth
50 Tests Top up : Rs.17450/12 = Rs.1454 per mnth
Total expense per month : Rs.12537

Revenue :
5 Students per month : Rs.2999 career counselling package (Rs.600 paid to counsellor)
Rs.2999-Rs.600=Rs.2400 profit earned per counseling
Total net profit per month : 5 X Rs.2400 = Rs.12000

How can I convert and breakeven?
So, you need 5 students career counsellings per month to almost break even the first year.
You can get these students with the budget of Rs.1400 on digital marketing campaign per month. Constant calling and follow ups with students and parents is a must to convert. There are uploaded sample audio enquiries with students/parents as a training on the dashboard for your reference and assist you in conversions.

Please Note : The 5 students conversion is an example to show breakeven, after you run digital marketing campaigns and call/convert them. There could be more than 5 students conversions. 
So, the basic 3 options to run this business are:
1) Run business as per your experience and expertise (you can generate your own leads, tie up with schools/colleges, etc, refer to the audios in training material to train yourself to learn, consult and convert students)
2) Buy the generated leads on your dashboard via wallet credit (refer to the audios in training material to train yourself to learn, consult and convert students)
3) Buy our marketing package, where we generate leads and convert end to end students for your brand.

Our focus is to give you the platform, tools, high reliability-validity tests, accurate report, technology, features, etc to keep you ahead of the competitors, making your business more appealing, gain higher traction and easy business conversions.
Yes, if a whitelabel does not want users to subscribe/pay from Allegiance Educare payment gateway and wants to get them subscribed from whitelabel's own website payment gateway, then we can generate 100% discount coupons to bypass our payment plans.
You can set the prices according to your convenience on your website using coupons.
Yes, with the help of discount coupons you can set the career counselling plans and mentor plans lower or higher as per your convenience. You can even bypass our payment gateway with 100% discount coupon.
The whole idea of whitelabel, which is co branding under the franchise brand name is that they promote, market and scale their own brand as a career counselling brand. For exisiting educational institutes like study abroad consultants, training institutes, coaching classes, etc can integrate the whitelabel in their existing business with their own brand. Incase a whitelabel wishes to use Allegiance Educare name, they can always mention it as 'Ecosystem Partners'. 
Anyone planning to open a career counselling center.

Existing Career Counsellors or Educators to start their own career counselling brand.

Coaching Classes, Study Abroad Institutes, Training institutes to suggest the specialisation students should choose in their degree program.

Job Consultants, Soft skill trainers to guide Candidates in searching and choosing the right Job.
*Responsive Web Development* 
Technologies - PHP, MySQL, HTML, JAVASCRIPT and CSS
Frameworks - Laravel 6.xx, Bootstrap 4.xx, jQuery
Third Party Packages - Razorpay Payment Gateway,  Watsapp Chat, Turbo SMTP email configuration

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