Faq's In White label

The tests we use are our copyright test known as Allegiance Educare Career Assessment Test, AECAT with high reliability/validity. Our proprietory technology: Advanced Career Assessment Test Engine, factors in more than 5000 combinations of more than 600 careers. The end to end automated solution ie. right from shortlisting careers to information in careerbank to suggesting the right course and institute makes the counselling perfect. Post Counselling Services - Student Helpline, Study Abroad Helpline, Job Placement Helpline
Why Whitelabel?
1) Save development time and money of the portal on Tests, Automated Report, payment gateway, Mentor listing and other features.
2) Ready made educational content like Forums, Blogs, CareerBank, etc.
3) Ready to use Mentor database for counselling across India.
4) Use our proprietory trademarked technologies like Advanced Career Assessment Test Engine, CareerBank Search Engine, Student Relationship Management, Counselling Bot in your promotions.
5) Periodic updation of latest features and content.
6) Access to leads.
7) life time subscription of Rs.25000, with no renewal charges.
8) Pay as you go....Top up tests, mentor packages as per your requirement.
9) Multiple revenue generation models ie. Career Counselling, Mentor program, Seminars, etc

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